MLS listing - Posted by Gregory

Posted by DP (ON) on August 01, 2006 at 09:01:55:

Well thank you for that, Gregory. Here I’ve been killing myself trying to sell my houses myself and all I need to do is call an agent who’s on this new-fangled MLS thingy and they’ll sell it the next day! Great! Thanks again, you’re a life saver!


MLS listing - Posted by Gregory

Posted by Gregory on July 31, 2006 at 23:41:07:

Through the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), the real estate agents can sell your house to the best deal. The MLS lists vital information about your property.

This information could involve the area covered by the property, floor details, wall finish etc. This information is searched by many real estate agents for homes that fit the needs and price range of their customers. This is a great way of marketing your house as it gives your house maximum exposure and helps in selling the house in the best possible way.

The real estate agents give special attention to the homes which have been introduced recently, so your house gets the attention it deserves when it is first listed. So instead of having a single real estate agent working for you, you can have a number of real estate agents work for you. This is because by putting your house on the list, the information about your house can be easily accessed.

Multiple Listing Service facility helps in the professional handling of the real estate transactions. The real estate agents who are members of the List have agreed to share the information amongst each other which helps in the sale of the homes at the best prices, in the least possible time. The real estate agents need to pay a flat fee to the National Realtors Association and for the right of publishing the information about your house on the site. The owner of the house on sale must agree to pay a commission to the agent who brought the best buyer, before the closing of the deal.

The listing is done by offering the details about your house as well as a picture of the House on sale.

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MLS - Posted by Investor-Mo-Lester

Posted by Investor-Mo-Lester on August 01, 2006 at 14:18:01:

Gregory, you have really found something here: a place where realtors can list a house for sale and others can shop for houses from that list. Maybe you shouldn’t share this secret with all of the other investors here.