MH questions(Michigan) - Posted by Newbie_In_MI

Posted by Rookie_In_MI on November 15, 1998 at 24:32:14:

Thanks for the info, and what a coincidence…i live on Bristol, not even a half mile from Dort Hwy.


MH questions(Michigan) - Posted by Newbie_In_MI

Posted by Newbie_In_MI on November 11, 1998 at 18:26:02:

Hi, I am in Michigan and just recieved Lonnies books a little while ago and found them very interesting. Since i am in an area with a lot of mobile home parks they interest me a great deal, especialy since i am not at all interested in any type of Landlording. Here are a few questions that I have(they are the only thing stopping me from diving into this):

  1. First of all has to deal with obtaining a dealer license. I have heard some of the fines and penalties from some of the posts on this site and i definitaly would not want to have to deal with that trouble. So what are the rules you must follow in Michigan in dealing with MHs?

  2. Secondly i am a college student(which equals very little money for those of you who dont know) and have been thinking of a way that i could somehow find a MH and get it then turn around and sell it without using any of my own money(just looking for an example of what someone else has done i guess for that little confidence boost)

  3. Finally, i would LOVE to hear from anyone and everyone who has done these kind of deals in Michigan specificaly. I am in the Flint area and any of you Michiganders out there have ever been in the Flint/Davison/Burton area you know there are MH parks all over the place. Any advice, info, help, ect… that you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

I am sure there are more things i would like to know but i am busy doing my homework(in REI that is) and hope to uncover the answers on my own without wasting anymore of your time then needed.

Thanks for any help

Re: MH questions(Michigan) - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on November 13, 1998 at 16:27:07:

Check with the Secretary of State, as to what is required in dealer license’s and such.
Also if I were in your area, I would check out the parks up in the Dort Highway area. There are a lot of blue collar workers in that area, and I’m sure that a pretty big percentage would like to own a home close to work.
Also reread chapter 11 of Scruggs “Deals on Wheels” and chapter 5 and 6 in “Makeing Money With Mobile Homes”, really great idea’s in reguards to getting started with little or no money of your own.
I met a couple, at Lonnie’s Deals on Wheels workshop last month in Norfolk, who had done 18 deals in the last year in the Lansing area, so yes it can be done in Michigan. I think that Flint is a great area for you to be working in.
Good luck with your MH ventures and be sure to keep us all posted as to the regs and your progeress and such

Dirk Roach