mh park i want it - Posted by mary

Posted by Tony-VA on December 20, 2000 at 07:47:38:

Try posting this on the commercial forum here. Ray Alcorn specializes in park buying (as does Ernest Tew at this forum). Analyzing commercial property is a much different animal. Ray Alcorn has a book for sale at this site that is a MUST if you intend to buy a park. His due diligence checklist will keep you in the drivers seat. His book will walk you through what questions you need to ask, who you need to ask, and how to get the numbers and analyze them. I highly recommend that you use this education to protect yourself and not throw caution to the wind. There are a great deal of factors to consider when buying commercial property. Valueing the park, the store, the houses etc. will need seperate considerations.

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mh park i want it - Posted by mary

Posted by mary on December 20, 2000 at 06:30:54:

i have a chance to buy a has 2 houses,1 small store,a vacant parcel to do another park,46 lots and all of it is run down.some are boarded up,about 10 are lived has water view.1200 ft on state rd,super location.should i walk?i have access to heavy equip for the roads.all homes are pre 75’s.maybe even 55’s.what do you think?what would be a fair price?my thoughts are to move out the old and bring in some newer mhs.make some huge clean ups.its not exactly the place id want to be at dusk but i can see it as a great place with alot of work.where can i get the info on park buying?i looked for it and cant find the book.also to let you know i am new.i just did buy a mh,have run my ad and am waiting for it to sell.i have 28 days b4 i will loose my deposit money.i feel confident it is going to sell and can hardly so excited about this venture.thanks.