MH Park Deal, What do you guys think? - Posted by Kent TN

Posted by Chris Reuman (ME) on July 02, 2004 at 18:38:16:


This property is a train wreck. First don’t make the banks problem, your problem. What you may want to do is make an offer on the wiht the part with the best cashflow. Like the mhp. The problem you have is that to make this work, you have to be an expert as a developer. The large cost/potential is the 150 undeveloped lots. However, you are asking for advice on this board, so I am assuming you are not an experienced developer. I would bring in a partner that is experience: Ray, Earnest, or someone else. The property has huge negative cashflow, poorly run in the past, and in an area that you say is not optimal. If you still want it, I would review all the income and all the expenses and make an offer based on that only. $45,600 + $51,480 = $97,080 / .12 =$809,000 That is the highest I would go and if the income is lower or expenses higher then I would go lower. I always tell people the “upside potential” is what I should get if I fix the problems. If you fix all the problems, you should get the windfall not the bank/seller.

Best Investing, Chris

MH Park Deal, What do you guys think? - Posted by Kent TN

Posted by Kent TN on June 29, 2004 at 07:08:05:

I posted this on the commercial board but haven’t gotten any feedback yet. I know there are park owners who post here. Anyone done a deal like this?

Asking price is $1.15 million. It is 38 acres. The park has 201 total spaces, however only 51 are complete. Of those 51 spaces, 40 are rented at $165 a month. 36 of the lots are double wide lots and about 10 of them are finished and rented. These DW lots can be sold individually For $10,000 to $12,000 each. They are seperated from the rest of the property by a ridge. The unfinished lots lack about $3000 per lot to be finished. The electricity, sewer, and water are already underground and the property has been graded. This much was done several years ago, and stopped when one of the principals died. There has been a great deal of erosion, so more grading will be reqired with paving and finishing the utilities off. The park has been severely mismanaged, stolen from by a previous manager, and little growth has taken place in last two years. It was almost foreclosed on last month, and if I don’t buy it it will be forclosed on. The original balance owed is 1.8 million. The bank has agreed to short down to 1.15 mil. There are 12 homes that are owned by the principals, but convey seperately from the park. These homes are are 2000-2002 models, 6 single wide, 6 double wide. They are valued around $150,000. They provide almost as much income as the park, however they are rented, not on notes.

The park is in a rural area, but only 15 minutes from Knoxville TN. Demographics are weak for the county that the park is in, but Knox County demographics are strong. For this reason, I’m having trouble estimating an absorption rate. Most current residents of the park are driving to Knoxville for work. The average resident of this county drives 30 miles to work.

I have seen numbers from 2002, but nothing newer.
40 lots at $165 = $79,200 gross

  • .35 expenses = $51,480
    Value of park at 12% cap = $429,000
    Value of the 150 unfinished lots = $500,000?
    Cost of completing the 150 lots = $400,000
    Income from home rentals = $45,600

I have a financially strong partner and we have a loan quote of 1.4 million at 5.5% 15 year term, 5 year balloon. The debt service on this is nearly $140,000 a year. My partner has a million dollar medical office financed with this bank. The FHA loan mentioned in DealMaker Guide sounds good, but takes 3 months to close I’m told. What is the best way to structure this deal? Is it worth pursuing? Should we buy the park owned homes and convert to notes? Ray, Your help is greatly appreciated on this one.


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Posted by Thomas Kirk on November 19, 2004 at 02:50:48:

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