MH dealer's license idea! - Posted by Tim (OH)

Posted by John Katitus on December 30, 1998 at 21:59:42:

Sounds like a good way to get around the requirements and also make money. What could be better?

MH dealer’s license idea! - Posted by Tim (OH)

Posted by Tim (OH) on December 30, 1998 at 11:16:33:

With all of the potential Mobile Home investors in any given state being concerned about the requirements and limitations of obtaining a dealer’s license, I may have come upon and idea that begs for some input.

If someone is considering getting a dealer’s license, why can’t they start a (non-profit?) mobile home investors club, obtain the dealers license in the name of the club and charge dues to other investors in the state to process titles. The members would be associates/salesman and required to do all the paperwork and submit to the dealership for the records. The members may be required to obtain (in Ohio) a used vehicle sales license, but the monetary requirements and paperwork would be significantly less than a dealer’s license. I think this would also be an excellent opportunity for networking and dealing among people that understand or want to learn the business.

Any ideas?