Merry Christmas & New Year's Resolution - Posted by Jen(NE)

Posted by MilNC on December 24, 1998 at 12:07:38:

#1, I’ll bet your husband WASN’T kidding when he said “don’t risk the house.”
#2, you do well to educate yourself. I have ordered
books and courses too. This is like going back to
school, but with a support group.
#3 There is the “just do it school” vs the “due dilligence school/get your team together shcool.”
#4 Everyone loves the phrase "paralysis by analysis"
but that only applies to people who really have
already analyzed–it’s not a step you skip.
#5 I refer you to Lenny’s dilemma re having gone to record a contract only to find out someone else recorded an affidavit one hour before. (I’m looking forward to reading THAT thread).
“motivated seller”!
“Must relocate”–no kidding! Beyond your jurisdiction!
( yes I know , they can be traced-what fun…)

Like you, I like my duckies in a row. If I have to make
a flow chart for myself, I will. There are people out there who want to fool you-you need to be aware of how they can do it.

At some point you will do a deal. I think you are entitled to be as “paranoid” as you need to be.I don’t even think that word has a place in investment. That would be something someone would say to you if they
wanted to make you feel silly for doing due dilligence.

And, Don’t risk the house.

Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a new year full of
educating yourself. I agree this board is the best source.

Merry Christmas & New Year’s Resolution - Posted by Jen(NE)

Posted by Jen(NE) on December 23, 1998 at 22:34:03:

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. Even though the Christmas season is coined as the ‘giving season’, you all are wonderful in that you each give (advice) all year long on this board. It has helped more people become motivated and achieve their dreams… It’s weird but I feel like this board is one big family. I hope I can attend the convention to see if some of you look the way I imagine you to be (funny isn’t it??)

I’m a newbie that always wanted to get into real estate investing. I had to wait until after I got married in September (I never realized it would take so much time to plan a wedding)… Well, I have been educating myself feverishly since then with this board, books, and Bronchick’s courses. I have not made a deal yet as I’m the type of person who likes to get her ‘ducks in a row’ before I start --that and the fact that my husband said “Don’t risk the house!” (he was kidding)… But seriously - my New Year’s Resolution is to apply my initial education and find those deals!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - Hope Everyone has a Safe and Happy Holidays!