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Posted by Marcos on December 07, 2001 at 10:27:41:

The famouse glazed look that people get when we get excited about how we’re doing this or that. It’s priceless. After looking at this business for a while. I’ve come to some conclusions.

99% of people are perfectly capable of making it in Real Estate.
But… 99% of people won’t do what it takes to make it.

The path is there. Everything has been done by someone on this board. You don’t have to recreate the wheel. It’s not brain surgery.

As GL said, call all the real estate investors in your area. Find out what they do, what types of properties they like, what they do with them. Do they pay a finder’s fee? Call all the we buy houses ads you see. Go to Real estate investor meetings. Meet people there. Take note of who seems to be the most successful(and please don’t judge this by what they wear, ask the president he can tell you) and usually it’s the guy in the back who doesn’t say much at all. Offer to take them out to lunch(and you should pay). Do something, do anything. Make a hundred offers at half of sales price and see what happens. Making a mistake is better most times than doing nothing at all. Within reason of course.

Good Luck,


mentor - Posted by jon

Posted by jon on December 07, 2001 at 03:42:06:

i am looking for someone, anyone to mentor me. I am 20 yrs old. live near st.louis mo (winfeild,mo). I am a very dtiven person but I dont have the funds to learn own my own.
I am willing to all that is to be taught.

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Posted by jed on December 07, 2001 at 18:26:29:


Contact me via email and I’ll give you some time proven tips on finding partners. GL is right though, you need to have something on the ball to make a good go of it. As for a mentor, just hanging around the investors will help.

A true mentor is someone and something you should put allot of hard thought into. A good book (I recommend all 5 of his books) is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki. I have them available if you want to contact me but you can probably get them at your local book store quicker and cheaper (after shipping costs).

Anyway, it’s good to find a mentor but finding the “deals” is where you’re going to get the “experience”… with experience comes wisdom which is what you hope to gain from a mentor.

Find the deal grasshopper and the investors and mentors will come :slight_smile:

Take care.

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Posted by GL on December 07, 2001 at 09:30:52:

Are there any successful RE investors in your area? Don’t be afraid to call them or Email them. You will be surprised how obliging and helpful they can be. Why, because everyone loves to talk about themselves and the things they are interested in.

You will need to have something on the ball before you can hold a conversation. Get involved, learn about your local market, try making an offer or a deal.You will need a little knowlege and experience to talk to them on their level not as a time waster wannabe.

Let me explain further. I love to talk about RE investing (that’s why I am here). Over the years I have had conversations with people who, when they find out I am an investor, want to know the secret (especially if I just sold something for a profit). As soon as I start to explain how to do it, especially if it involves some work or risk, I can see their minds click off and their eyes glaze over in 2 minutes. So I have learned not to go on when I am boring someone. I assume everyone has had this experience. So if you call knowing nothing, and say I want to learn etc, you are apt to meet this assumption. But if you come on as someone who has actually done something, even if it is only one little deal or maybe only an offer, you will be part of the “club”.

Speaking of clubs is there a real estate club in your area? I bet there is and there is wher you will meet the go getters who love to learn, talk, and network.

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Posted by m.Garv on December 07, 2001 at 08:53:53:

Jon , even if you cannot afford to be taught you can still learn an awful lot by searching the achives of this main news group. Pick an area you would like to begin and read every thing you can. eventualy youmay be able to afford a course or two and at that time you may know alot more than you do now and it will be easier to pick a course because you will know what you are interested in. Also the How to articles and the success stories can teac you alot. Never be afraid to ask a question on this board because that is what it is here for. If you need help you will get it. I searched for a mentor for a long time and it turned out I never even needed one. I eventualy got partners in my area (I found them at this site) and we are doing pretty well right now. So keep reading and if you are not comfortable out there on your own then find yourself a partner r two. Good luck.