LOST MY MLS - Posted by steph in tex

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on October 22, 1999 at 12:00:01:


I can’t remember Joe’s sales rep’s name or number, but you can email Joe to find out. I didn’t go through his rep…I convinced my rep to meet the deal being offered through Joe’s rep.

Joe Kaiser’s email address:



LOST MY MLS - Posted by steph in tex

Posted by steph in tex on October 18, 1999 at 07:17:01:

My business partner is relocating to San Diego. He was the agent of our little biz, and the cost of keeping his status up here while he is there was just too great. SOOOOO…consiquently…we no longer have MLS access. We are in austin tex. Anyone out there have any ideas? I have the software, etc etc. I am willing to pay 50.00 a month for restricted access, say a couple of hours a day-maybe even early am? i just don’t know how to go about finding someone to give me this access. i have found agents, and appraisers all willing to pull comps for 10 bucks a search—COME ON! it takes 5 seconds! i might need to do comps on 5 different houses in a day—that would add up really quickly! i hope to get some ideas from you guys here on the board. Would i be safe running an ad? my partner says that’s too risky. is it illegal to have the MLS if you’re not an agent? i thought there were some places that you could just pay for access—i guess its just not here in austin! any ideas are welcome and appreciated!
steph in tex

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Posted by Corey on October 18, 1999 at 21:20:59:

I am a realtor in N.D. Our local board is looking at signing up with a company called mlstoday.com. The public would have acess to the site on a limited information basis. But it might be what you are looking for if you local board of Realtors is using it.
Just an idea, good luck.

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Posted by Stacy (AZ) on October 18, 1999 at 12:11:19:

Texas Steph-

I use First American Real Estate Solutions (FARES) tax data base product. It’s a pretty powerful tool for doing comps, farming and area, compiling out-of-state owners lists, etc. It’s the tool Joe Kaiser uses. There are several offices in Texas. Here’s the URL.


If you’re interested, Joe Kaiser’s sales rep has a good deal.

The problem is, this data base is for all current owners and completed sales. There is, of course, no information about homes currently listed for sale with realtors, as in the MLS. That’s fine with me, since only deal with FSBOs anyway. But, the MLS doesn’t have any FSBO info either, so neither is perfect.

If you think you must deal with the MLS, it sounds like the best option is to get a relationship going with another realtor. Can your current realtor recommend someone?

Also, associate memberships to the MLS are available in most cities. You have to position yourself correctly, however. If you approach them as a legitimate investment company, and be sure to mention the ways that you benefit and support realtors, you may gain access. I tried this in Phoenix, and was granted access if I wanted it. I ended up deciding not to, but there you go. It’s worth a try.


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Posted by Brian on October 21, 1999 at 21:20:46:

Who do I contact at First American RE Solutions. Who is Joe Kaiser’s rep. How much is the package?

Thanks for any help.