Looking for Steve Cook - Posted by Stacy

Posted by SCook85 on October 11, 1998 at 22:02:42:

I am flattered that they would have reffered you to me. To be honest with you Stacy I learned most everything from this site. It is easy if you do all the right things first and educate yourself. Get to know all the investors in your area, find out what they like. Get to know the settlement attorneys, ask them if they know of any private investors. Ask a lot of questions. Ask the people in your area as well as the people on this site. They are very helpful. This site will teach you all the basics of the flip, but it won’t tell you who the people are in your area that are going to buy from you. It won’t tell you who to get the money from if you have to acquire the property or who to send investors to that need money to buy the home from you. You need to put the whole package together to make it happen. I am still learning everyday. The latest thing I learned was to get Title work started on everything myself, and have my attorney sell the title work to whoever I am flipping to. I have a deal now that may default because the people I assigned to just picked a title company on Friday and the deal is supposed to settle on the 22nd. I learn something new with everydeal. You just need to get out and understand the whole process and meet the people who are going to make it happen for you.

Hope this helps.


Looking for Steve Cook - Posted by Stacy

Posted by Stacy on October 11, 1998 at 21:18:14:

Was asking about flipping properties in the chat room and was told you were having success with it. What matterials can I find to study and where? Thanks