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I recommend you get as specific as possible. Not sure if you are renting just the lot, or the MH, too. Ask on the MH list, & you’ll probably get just what you need. Here is what I use for lot only rent (I supply one of the smoke alarms + all the batteries as a reason to inspect the inside twice yearly):

Rancho del Rey, LLC
Lot Rental Agreement


Tenant ________________________________
First M Last

SS# _________________________ Driver?s License _______________

Emergency Contact ___________________________________

Rent. Lot # _______________ Rent Begins ___________
Monthly Rate: $__________., including trash disposal & reasonable water usage, excluding all other utilities. Tenant agrees to pay monthly, starting on_________________ (mm/dd/yy), with subsequent payments due on or before the_______day of each month. Rent Paid Thru __________. Next Rent Payment Due __________. NOTE: Excessive water usage due to negligence or lack of reasonable conservation will be pro-rated and billed to Tenant. Payments are to be made payable to Johnson Property Management. No partial payments will be accepted.

Late Fee. If any rent due from the Tenant shall not be received by 12:00 noon five (5) days after the due date, the Tenant shall pay a late fee of $10.00, plus $1.25 per day beginning on the 1st day past the initial due date. No late payments will be accepted without late fee.
Default. If Tenant defaults in the payment of rent, Agent may give Tenant written notice pay or quit. If tenant fails to pay within ten (10) days of receiving notice, Landlord may elect to terminate this Agreement, and remove the Tenant, all other occupants, and their possessions. Any other violation of the terms or conditions of this Agreement or Park Rules that is not cured within three (3) days of receiving written notice of violation shall result in an immediate termination of this Agreement.
Legal Fees. If Landlord/Agent is successful in a legal action or proceeding arising from failure to pay rent or from property damage, Tenant agrees to pay reasonable legal fees and all costs.
Uses Permitted. Tenant shall use and occupy the premises for residential purposes, including home office for business.
Guests. Guests of the Tenant shall not remain in residence longer than seven (7) days without prior authorization of Agent. No subletting of premises is allowed, nor may roommates be allowed without prior authorization of Agent. (1) Any additional resident will be subject to credit and criminal background checks ($35.00 non-refundable fee) and once approved, must be added to this Agreement by Addendum. (2) Because of increased water usage & wear & tear on the property, the addition of roommates or family members will result in a rent increase.
Minor (under the age of 18) guests are not allowed without the express permission of the parents. Extra care shall be taken with these guests so that they are not exposed to health hazards or illegal activities of any kind.
Uses Not Permitted. Tenant shall not do or permit anything to be done in or about the Premises nor bring or keep anything that will increase the existing rate or affect any fire or other insurance upon any structures in the park or any of their contents. Tenant shall not sell or permit to be kept any articles or substances, inflammable or otherwise, that may be prohibited by a standard form policy of fire insurance. Tenant shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities. Illegal activities, including the presence or use of illegal substances (including marijuana) or firearms, as well as human or animal abuse, will immediately Terminate this Agreement and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. No fireworks of any kind may be brought onto the Premises. Tenant indemnifies Landlord and Agent against liability for such actions. NOTE: A Zero-Tolerance Policy in these matters is maintained on this Property.
Tenant recognizes that this is a family-occupied park, & that maintaining a zone of safety for children, both residents & visitors, is a major goal of our community, & agrees to maintain his residency in accordance with this goal.
Repairs and Maintenance. Tenant acknowledges that the premises are in good sanitary order, condition and repair. The Tenant shall keep the Premises in good condition and repair, including yard, except for damages beyond the reasonable control of the Tenant and ordinary wear and tear. The Tenant shall, upon the expiration or sooner termination of this agreement, surrender the Premises in good condition. Yards and porches are to be kept clear of debris, interior household goods, and mechanical devices. Safely operated and maintained BBQs, as well as appropriate lawn furniture, are allowed.
Tenant to provide Agent with written notice of any required non-emergency maintenance. All water leaks, including running toilets, are considered emergencies, and shall be reported immediately to Agent. Excess water usage from the Tenant?s failure to report water leaks immediately be the responsibility of the Tenant, and will be billed accordingly.
Tenant shall maintain his dwelling in a manner to make it an asset to this community. Repairs, both inside & out, will be made in a timely manner. Dwelling shall not become unsightly, & shall present a neat & pleasant appearance.
Septic Systems. As of 19 August 2005 the plumbing outlets are open, free and clear, & the septic tank has been pumped. Tenant is responsible for any repair of partial or complete stoppage from the home to the septic system. It shall be the tenant?s responsibility to maintain tight drains to the septic system. Tenant shall not flush anything down your drains such as rags, clothes, hard paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, baby wipes or items made of plastic and rubber. Items like these should be wrapped in paper and disposed of with your garbage.
Pets. No pets are allowed without pre-approval of the Agent. Although they must also be pre-approved, service animals (e.g., guide or hearing dog) are an exception.
Smoking/Safety. Tenant is responsible for any and all damage caused by smoking, including that of family and guests, and shall practice safe disposal of all smoking devices. Exterior premises shall remain free of cigarette butts. Tenant shall maintain a minimum of one smoke alarm per bedroom, changing batteries twice yearly, and shall maintain a readily accessible currently certified fire extinguisher.
If requested, Landlord/Agent will provide a new smoke alarm upon the acceptance of this Agreement, as well as twice-yearly new smoke alarm batteries. It is highly recommended that each household establish plans for emergencies, including fire & weather.
Alterations. Tenant agrees not to make any alterations, additions or improvements to the Property without obtaining prior written consent. With prior approval only, Tenants may construct one (1) storage shed , plus additional fenced storage area(s). Construction expenses are the sole responsibility of Tenant, who agrees to maintain such additions in good repair. Unless otherwise agreed, Tenant shall remove these additions prior to moving, & shall make shall such repairs as necessary to return the Property to its previous condition.
Vehicles. Disabled vehicles and other mechanical devices are not allowed on the premises or on the street. All vehicles must be legally licensed. Tenants may work on their own vehicles, as long as such work does not extend past seven (7) days. For reasons of safety and visual impact, hoods are not to be left open unless mechanical work is being performed. Absolutely no cars on blocks, or other junk vehicles, parts or junk boats shall be allowed, and will be immediately towed at Tenant?s expense without notice. Tenant shall maintain no more than two (2) vehicles on the property, or one (1) vehicle per licensed driver, whichever is greater. Space permitting, arrangements for storage of additional vehicles at additional cost may be made with Agent. Vehicles (make/model/year/license plate) included in this Agreement:

Pest Control. Tenant is responsible for maintaining dwelling & yard free from rodents, insects, vermin and other pests to the extent that failure to maintain may affect the fitness for human habitation of any lot or home. If Tenant fails to do this, Agent will contract with licensed pest control company at Tenant?s expense.
Lawn Maintenance. Tenant is responsible for maintaining porches and yards in a safe and litter-free manner. Lawns and plants shall be regularly maintained; mowing shall be done regularly as necessary to maintain a pleasant neighborhood environment. If tenant fails to properly maintain the exterior premises, Agent retains the right to hire maintenance personnel for this work at Tenant?s expense.
Park Rules. Landlord/Agent may establish reasonable Park Rules for the health, safety & well-being of the neighborhood, as well as to maintain the appearance & value of the Property. Tenant has the right to receive a copy of Park Rules, & agrees to abide by them. Agent retains the right to add to or amend Park rules at any time. Any such changes shall be given, in writing, to Tenant.
Termination of Agreement. Tenant agrees to give 30 days advance written notice to the Agent to cancel this Agreement, and further agrees to pay rent to the termination date of this notice. EXACT POSSESSION DATE MUST BE GIVEN, and any extension shall require payment of rent for a full additional notice period. Once notice by either party is given, Tenant agrees to permit Owner or Agent to inspect property, display ?For Sale? or ?For Rent? sign, and to show property to prospective purchasers or Tenants. Upon vacating, Tenant agrees to pay for all utilities services due and have same discontinued; to see that the property is clean and all trash or other refuse is removed from the premises; that the yard is restored to previous condition. Any personal property, including vehicles & structures, remaining on the premises after Tenant vacates shall be considered abandoned, and Agent may claim or dispose of such items after three (3) days unless other arrangements are made in writing by both Tenant and Agent.
Possession. If the premises are abandoned or becomes vacant during the term of this contract, or if the Tenant fails to pay rent when due, or violates any other provision of this contract, the Owner or Agent shall have the right, without notice or demand, to immediately annul and terminate this contract, re-enter and take possession of the Premises.
Validity of Each Part. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid, its invalidity will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.
I/we have carefully reviewed this agreement and accept its terms and conditions.

Tenant Date
_______________________Home Phone
_______________________Work Phone
_______________________Cell Phone

Agent, Johnson?s Property Management Date

I’d check w/other MHP owners, & adapt other forms so that you get the right form that w/work for you. I learn something from each tenant, so am constantly tweaking the form in an attempt to not have the same problems continually. The MH list on this site is invaluable–there’s a lot of expertise there that w/save you time, $$$ & heartache. Do take Tony & Scott’s MHP Bootcamp ASAP (there’s one this month), not just for the info, but for the networking, too. LMK if you need a rental agreement for MH rentals instead of just the lot. MH rentals are a pain, but oh, so profitable. My best advice to you is to immediately establish a pattern & expectation of rents paid on-or-before due date. If I don’t receive rent on due date, I am on the doorstep on day #2, & on day #3 I serve a Pay or Quit Notice. Because it is tedious, rent training the MHP owner can be as painful as teaching the tenants, but I find rent collection to be the very least of my MHP problems (for anyone who is curious, problem #1 is domestic abuse, #2 is drugs, #3 is illegal pets, #4 is non-rent-paying relatives, #5 is non-tenant use of dumpster, & #1, #2, & #4 often occur together. Lest anyone think I am hardened, my goal in owning a MHP is to provide decent affordable housing to a segment of the population that doesn’t get much of a break in most other things in life. Good luck on your new venture!


Looking for a Sample Lease - Posted by Alexander Bartis

Posted by Alexander Bartis on November 04, 2005 at 17:40:43:

Just bought a park and im looking for a sample lease specific to MHP (land leases in NJ). Can I use a regular apartment lease?