Lonnie Deals - Posted by Reif

Posted by Dirk Roach on November 25, 1998 at 03:26:17:

Hi Reif,

Quicker than typing. Click over to the How To area of this site. Then scroll down abit through the articles (actually you might want to check em all out just for ideas and info and such) but when you come to an article called “An Old Mobile Home or Money In Disguise” read that one, to learn the bare bones of what how the classic Lonnie method works. Really though his stuff (books and tapes) are a must if you’re going to get into the Used Mobile Homes.

Good Luck,

Dirk Roach

Lonnie Deals - Posted by Reif

Posted by Reif on November 25, 1998 at 02:44:38:

I searched the forum archives under “Lonnie Deals,” but was unable to find a description and haven’t been quite able to figure it out from the dialog.

Can someone give me a quick and dirty description of a "Lonnie Deal?’