LLC & C corp-->getting the best of both? - Posted by osirus

Posted by David Alexander on October 09, 1998 at 16:22:19:


on what you plan on doing, just like when you sell
you got to know how much you can sell for before
you buy. You have to know if you going to buy and hold,
flip, etc. It’s not good to keep assets in a corp
from what I understand. Maybe look into having the Corp
be the general partner of a LP if you are buying and holding
assets, paper, rentals. If flipping the structure you mentioned
is good. Also, I don’t think there is alot of case law for LLC’s.

All this is just going by what I have read and learned and by
no means am I authorative on this. So check and see.

Please more comments.

David Alexander

LLC & C corp–>getting the best of both? - Posted by osirus

Posted by osirus on October 09, 1998 at 16:00:00:

I have read a get great deal of literature comparing the
the benefits and disadvantges of organizing a business
as C corporation or as a limited liability company.
Florida statues specifically allow a corporation
to be a member or manager of LLC.
My ideal is form a one person LLC for the purpose of
MH and RE investing and then form a C Corp that is either
member or the manger of the LLC. This way I could get the
best of the C corp and LLC.
My immediate concerns are the administration and formal
requirements of running both a C corp and LLC would be
hassle filled and time consuming.

Comments and suggestions about this idea
would be greatly appreciated.