License in CA? Is is worth it???? - Posted by GantryCA

Posted by Ronald * Starr on June 21, 2001 at 20:40:53:

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There seems to me to be no extremely strong points on either side of this argument. I have never gotten a license. I have met many real estate agents that know a lot less than I do. But, as you intend to do, I have studied R.E. for years. I live in Oakland, CA.

If you are doing a lot of approaching homeowners to buy their homes, some may be leary of licensees and thus it will be a little more difficult for you to gain their trust. Depending upon your people skills, this might not be much of a disadvantage.

One benefit of being a lincensee is getting access to the multiple listing services. How important this is depends upon how you plan to locate potential sellers. Many of us never look at the multiple listing properties, buying directly from owners.

After hearing years of debate on this topic, my answer is – it is half-dozen of one and six of the other.

You might just go on your gut feelings on this one.

Even if you do not become a licensee, I recommend you take community college classes that are taken by licensees. You can learn a lot there, cheap.

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License in CA? Is is worth it??? - Posted by GantryCA

Posted by GantryCA on June 21, 2001 at 17:44:19:

I’ve seen postings about this before, although I am unable to search the archive.

Question: Are there any disadvantages, other than the disclosure statement, to getting a real estate license in California?

And what are the advantages? I would have to hang my license with a broker. So depending on the broker, I may be forced to split commisions.

I am not interested in selling real estate for a broker, but would like to use it for my own transactions. I would like to start flipping, doing L/O, and subject to. Because I would have my license, am I held to a higher standard and thus more oopen to law suits?

Either way I am planning to learn and study the ins and outs of creative real estate.