Lesson: The Defintion of a Motivated Seller - Posted by Fran

Posted by Carol on December 27, 1998 at 08:20:48:

Thanks for the lesson. Lest we forget…

Lesson: The Defintion of a Motivated Seller - Posted by Fran

Posted by Fran on December 26, 1998 at 22:34:37:

I just returned from my vacation in the Las Vegas area. During that 10 days, I made it a point NOT to check my messages while out of town, because part of the reason for this vacation was to distance myself from the super-long hours I’ve been working lately. (Plus, my wife’d kill me if I tried to work while on vacation.) Anyway…

The crux of the story is thus: About a week or two before I left, I sent a set of letters to some homeowners (20-25) in pre-foreclosure. I got a few nibbles, sent a second letter, got a few more…nothing to write home about. With nothing “on the burner,” I felt relaxed on the plane, believing I left no loose ends behind, ready to enjoy my vacation.

When I got home, I dialed up my voice mail and heard several messages from a woman whom I sent a letter to, and whose house was being auctioned off on Dec. 18.

Sunday, Dec. 13, 7:09 pm – “Hi. My name is Mary Smith. I’m calling 'cause…well, you sent me a letter, and um…my house is going…um, at 123 Main Street…uh, is going to be auctioned on Friday…and, I’d like to talk to you about you buying my house, and helping me…and saving my credit rating. Please call anytime, my number is 555-5555. Thank you.”

Monday, Dec. 14, 2:23 pm – Mrs. Smith calls and hangs up.

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 5:45 pm – “Hi, Fran?? This is Mary Smith again, you sent me a letter and I called and wanted you to call me, and…well, I really want to talk to you…um, soon, 'cause your letter says I’m “running out of time” and I am…so, please call, my number is 555-5555…um, anytime is ok…my work number is 555-5555, and you can call me there, and…ok…call me, please…”

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 8:36 pm – Mrs. Smith calls and hangs up.

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2:02 pm – Mrs. Smith calls and hangs up.

Wednesday, Dec 16, 5:53 pm – “My name is Mary Smith, and…” [sniff] “…I’m sorry to call again, but I need to talk to you…my house is being auctioned on Friday, and I really want you to make an offer on my house…I’m certain it would help me…um…” [sniff] “…I think I left a message before so please call…” [sniff] “…thanks.”

Thursday, Dec 17, 11:24 am – Mrs. Smith calls and hangs up.

Thursday, Dec 17, 5:44 pm – [obviously crying] “Um, I don’t know what to do…but, um, this is Mary Smith again, and my house is going to be auctioned on…um, tomorrow, and I hope you can still do something to help…” [breaking down] “…um, I’m going to be home all night so please call me…” [crying again] “…thanks…”

The property went to sale on Friday morning at 11 am, and, no, I wasn’t able to “help her.” It was rather eye-opening to talk to, er, LISTEN to a very motivated seller.

My wife stood in the kitchen and listened to them with me. She was a little upset from hearing this woman lose control on my answering machine. When the last message finished and I hit “erase”, she said “Well, can you do anything??”


“Could you have?? Had you been here??”

“I don’t know.”


We unpacked, ate a late supper, counted our blessings, and went to bed.

They are human.

Re: Lesson: The Defintion of a Motivated Seller - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on December 27, 1998 at 09:18:04:

I don’t know if you have ever dealt with a motivated seller before. But I have said time and time again that when you find your first one, something clicks. You know what to look for. If this was your first one- Congratulations you are on your way, If this is not your first one- Shame on you for not checking your answering machine. :slight_smile: