less than 6mths seasoning - Posted by garrison

Posted by Ed Garcia on December 02, 2001 at 12:41:41:


My suggestion is for you to go to Beneficial Finance, HFC (House Hold Finance), American General Finance, City Finance, to name a few. These are finance companies more than mortgage companies and with a good borrower, can make exceptions in policy.

Ed Garcia

less than 6mths seasoning - Posted by garrison

Posted by garrison on December 02, 2001 at 24:06:02:

i am in search of lender who will lend a 2nd w/ less than 6 months seasoning in the baltimore area w/ a fico of about 640-680 w/ absolutely no late payments and a long history of credit and early payoffs.

right now the first is less than 50%Ltv and was established about 2 months ago.

interest rate is not a concern, looking for a 1 year balloon or even a 6 month would work.

the property is immaculate w/ all the extras… appraises for 70k+ w/ 30k owed to a hard money lender

if anyone knows of anyone who may be able to help there i would be greatly appreciated and even willing to pay a finders fee if necessary.