LeGrand Flipping Newbies in Dallas - Buyers Lists - Posted by DG (DFW)

Posted by Lucifer on December 28, 1998 at 05:32:46:

Are you interested in the Esat Coast, say Mass to the Canadian border? If so we can help

LeGrand Flipping Newbies in Dallas - Buyers Lists - Posted by DG (DFW)

Posted by DG (DFW) on December 26, 1998 at 19:35:04:

Recently I listened to Ron LeGrand’s various series and found them to be very informative. One topic was wholesaling or flipping. I would be interested in PURCHASING the flips at wholesale and would like some ideas how to get on the buyer’s lists for those folks that are out digging up the deals. Any ideas other than an “I buy houses” ad (which I already run)?? Thanks.


Flipping in Dallas - Posted by Brad Crouch

Posted by Brad Crouch on December 27, 1998 at 03:24:38:


I gather that you are from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I am a person who looks for folks that provide the service that you do, but I live in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County. Reading your post got me to thinking about where I would expect to find people who do what you do.

The first thought that comes to mind is to contact Jackie from Dallas. I’m sure that if she couldn’t use your services, she could certainly send you a lot of business. She is a very nice lady and is easy to talk with, so there should be no hesitation about this.

Also, is there a Real Estate Investor’s Club in your area? If not, I would consider attending the Dallas Club meetings. I would create a bunch of flyers and go to a meeting. Put the flyers on the table in the back of the room (I think every Club has a table like this), and when you get a chance to “make an announcement”, stand up and talk about what you do . . . drawing attention to the flyers at the back of the room.

If you are serious about doing this and can follow up in a timely manner, your reputation will begin to grow and more business (and repeat business) will come your way.

You might think about putting together a 30 second “talk” that you can give to the folks attending the meeting, outlining your buying criteria. Put this same info on your flyers, too. Practice that “talk” until you can deliver it smoothly.

Just my $0.02.

Good luck,


What is your buying criteria - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on December 26, 1998 at 21:56:25:

What areas will you or won’t you buy in. Can you buy all cash quickly. Any other criteria.

Re: What is your buying criteria - Posted by DG (DFW)

Posted by DG (DFW) on December 27, 1998 at 17:57:59:


Regarding criteria, I start with the following:

Location: I reside in the North Dallas/West Plano corridor and would look at properties from Carrollton and Lewisville to the west, through Frisco and McKinney to the north, and to Balch Springs/Mesquite to the east. I am not interested in South Dallas.

Deal size: I can do all cash deals well into the six figures with short closing times (i.e. time to clear the title). Larger deals would require a 30 to 60 day window.

Expected purchase price: I will do the above if I can get in at no more than 65-70% of the ARV (inclusive of any repairs I would have to handle). The worse the condition of the property, the lower that percentage goes to factor in risk.

Thanks to you and the others for your responses.

would like to be in touch - Posted by johnman

Posted by johnman on December 28, 1998 at 08:18:02:


I’m hoping to be back in Arlingotn,TX soon. I hope you don’t mind keeping in touch with me. My e-mail address is

What is yours? Thanks,