Lease Option PostCard - Posted by Mark(MI)

Posted by Bob Eberle on December 14, 1998 at 18:14:49:

I have the post cards preprinted. With the message. Then just take the newspaper and enter the phone numbers into Pro CD or similar type program. Find your homeowners and save them to a list that you’ll print out on labels after your done. And use self stick stamps too.

Lease Option PostCard - Posted by Mark(MI)

Posted by Mark(MI) on December 14, 1998 at 11:33:16:

This Post is in reference to Joe Kaiser’s suggestion in the “Money Making Ideas” section titled “One Postcard = Seven Deals”

I tried Joe Kaiser’s idea about sending out post cards to the Houses for rent owners in the classifieds. I have had one person call back of about 23 cards sent out. It has only been a couple of days and I look to get more responses. The person that did call was calling to see what the program was about even though they weren’t interested at this time. They did say that they would keep the card just in case they do ever decide to sell. I think I am pretty familiar with the lease option deal, but how do I present my offer to these people, as most of them may not be the “tired landlord”. I’m sure wording is everything, but how should I structure my offer to them to make it sound appealing and to make them understand that it will help both them and myself? I want it to sound like it makes sense to them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Lease Option PostCard - Posted by Bronchick

Posted by Bronchick on December 14, 1998 at 13:20:20:

1 call in 23 cards is a great response. Direct mail usually results in 1% or less. Try sending about 2300 cards and you will get more results.

Re: Lease Option PostCard - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on December 14, 1998 at 15:48:57:

Do you guys hand write all those post cards, or are there companies that will do it for a fee? Thanks,

Try talking to a printer about handprinting… - Posted by raelynn mitchell

Posted by raelynn mitchell on December 14, 1998 at 19:44:48:

appearance. You can create a handwritten master which the printer can use to print from.

Several years ago I did this using (I think) what they called glossy (?) paper. Again, talk to a local printer or printshop. Handwrote the original, took them 1,000 postcards bought from US Post Office and they printed right on the postcards. Looks handwritten, yet quicker. Then I only had to hand-address the address, not the whole card. Was a lot faster, and the response rate was about 10-12%.

Good luck in advance.