Land Misrepresentation... - Posted by Jackie Lowe

Posted by JD on January 01, 2004 at 13:34:02:

  1. you could ask the seller to reverse the sale for a resocking fee. (they will probably say no)
  2. you could sue the former owner, but you would have to prove that the seller, or their agent, had knowledge of the DOE route and that the route is actually an adverse condition. Considering that the waste is being transported across many populated road ways, I don’t see how you would prove that the presense of a route 9 miles from your property is an adverse condition.
    ps: its called the caliente corridor

Land Misrepresentation… - Posted by Jackie Lowe

Posted by Jackie Lowe on December 31, 2003 at 18:41:34:

I recently purchased acreage in Crescent Valley (Beowawe) Nevada, along the Carlin Corridor, the proposed site for DOE’s Nuclear Waste Transport route. I was not informed prior to purchasing this property of the governments’ intent to run nuclear waste through the area within 9-10 miles of our property. When I asked the seller if there was any signifigant growth expected in this area that we should know about, I was told no, not for at least 50 years. DOE intends to start shipments, if approved, by 2010. As first time buyers’, we fell in love with the historic, pristine environment intending to make this our retirement home. I only found out about this intended route after reading the front page of the local paper Dec. 29, 2003. We are out-of-state owners. To say the least, we are very disappointed and disillusioned. Is it possible to get out of this purchase and have our money returned due to misrepresentation and failing to disclose what the land owners have known since approx. 1990? Thank You, JL