Land Development Question for Jon - Posted by North Carolina

Posted by Doug Rink on June 18, 2002 at 10:10:18:

North Carolina,
Hello. I saw your message. I too bought Jon Richards material years ago and he did touch on notes with land developers and I must say for years I fought the urge to look into it. Right now (I’m in NC too), I am buying land, selling lots and financing them on a line of credit. The bank that Jon referred me to also gave me a line of credit to buy the land with. The land business for the last 5 years has been better to me than anyother business EVER. However, the only part that’s missing is the occasional “pat-on’the-back” from your peers ONCE you find out who they are. To become a developer is the very essence of the paper business and in my opinion is how it all got started. If you poll all this 45 LBS overweight guys at the craps table in Las Vegas my guess, if they told you anything, they’d say they we’re a developer at one point in time. You have asked the right guy in terms of how the process works, you might ask Jon to give Hank Herinburg (name spelling is wrong) phone number. That’s who elaborated more to me in 1998 in Dallas at JNoteworthy and that convention changed my life. No more chasing the $3500 commission checks, now, if I don’t make $35,000 on a smaller land deal, I move on.
I recomeennd that you join Joh Richards group and get educated and change your life and become a land developer BUT THE NOTE KNOWLEDGE is the first place to start because it;s the financial instrument that you create that makes the rest possible. I want get into it mush more until you here from Jon, afte that feel free to email me and I 'd be happy to do a deal with you. Remember, it all begins with the land.

Doug Rink

P.S. Jon, you owe me like $50 bucks commission so far but I’ll settle for free tickets to the next Noteworthy!

Land Development Question for Jon - Posted by North Carolina

Posted by North Carolina on June 14, 2002 at 18:39:48:

Jon: In your audio cassette which comes with the “How to make money in discounted notes” package you briefly touch on how you joined with a developer and the lot buyer. Could you spend a few minutes and outline here in more detail how it worked in broad terms.