l\o question for joe kaiser - Posted by max

Posted by John Katitus on December 04, 1998 at 02:19:22:

Do you buy title insurance?

l\o question for joe kaiser - Posted by max

Posted by max on December 02, 1998 at 19:26:27:

when you l\o a property with say low down payment how do you make sure is has a clear title…so you dont get burned after you make some payments at closing if you buy it or flip it to someone else…also if you do find it does have a problem are you resonsible if you tie it up…i assume you would put a cluse in the contract…please help also joe are you speaking at the convention i love reading your comments
you seam to have a vass amount of knowledge and seam to be making real money in real estate

Re: l\o question for joe kaiser - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on December 03, 1998 at 14:09:06:


Whenever I buy on a lease option I do a quick and dirty title check of my own to confirm things are as described. The title company will also send me a complete document package upon request.

If it’s a property I have to put money into or plan on flipping or optioning again, then I do get a preliminary title report to verify where things stand.