Just Getting Started - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Carol Kostic on October 23, 1999 at 14:32:12:

I hate to say this, 'cause it’s not what you want to hear : what you can expect is whatever you believe that you deserve and can achieve, and whatever you will commit to doing - be it $5k or $5 mil. Mostly likely you will find yourself somewhere in between!

I find that most of us shoot ourselves in the feet regularly, functioning far below the levels of which we are capable if we didn’t have limiting beliefs about our “worthiness” and our abilities, etc.

My suggestion would be that you start from the other end: what will it take for you to be “financially independent” and focus on THAT, not on what results we or John or David or Michael may have from their activities.

You may have noticed on this Board a lot of conversation about personal effectiveness training : “Rising Star Communications”. We join in the chorus of others who believe that this is the place to start - after which it is highly unlikely you would ever ask the question you did in your post!

Please feel free to chat. We encourage your efforts!
Carol and Dennis

Just Getting Started - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Anthony on October 22, 1999 at 12:54:43:

I just sent my paperwork to the Secretary of State to start my corporation. I am just getting started in the rehab and mobile home business. My question is, what is the average yearly income for some of you that have been at this for awhile? I ask this because I am a government employee that wants to work for himself and I am trying to figure what I can possibly expect from this business. If anyone has advice for someone just getting started, I would certainly appreciate it.

Me Too! - Posted by MN~Chicago

Posted by MN~Chicago on October 24, 1999 at 13:38:22:


Carol shared some great thoughts
about determining your own direction.

I am new to the note business, sort of.
I bought John’s video course (I recommend
you do the same, immediately) last December.
When I found out he was giving a bootcamp
this past July, I earmarked that as my
turnaround timeframe. After that bootcamp,
I was going to be in the note business
full time.

August is my starting month, getting
organized, incorporated, business cards
etc, etc, and I started making phone
calls. It was more of a transition
month for me.

I can truly say September and October
are more reflective of being in this
business full time.

Income for September:…Zero

Income for October to date:…Zero

Am I discouraged? Absolutely not!
October isn’t over yet, and tomorrow
I am expecting to close on my first
deal. My end? About $4 - $5,000.

Plus, I have 12 other deals in the
works. I remember the question you
posed was often posed to John about
how much can one make. I may have
even been one of those asking if it
were possible to make over $100,000
per year.

John responded that one of his students
did so, and is now making more than
that per month.

I had hoped to make $50,000-$100,000
in my first year. What Carol posted
to you is so incredibly true. I now
expect to make that much per month
instead of per year.

I hesitate to state this because I
do not want to sound like I am full
of myself. I have been giving thought
to attaining goals, and when I read
Carol’s comment to you, it gelled

Thank you Carol and Dennis. Your
insights and presence continue to
have a positive impact, and both
of you know I am more than grateful.

Anthony, if notes are what you want
to do, you have found the right place

Let us know when you decide.