just a couple of start questions - Posted by JMR

Posted by Jon Richards on August 25, 2002 at 15:11:13:

Usury laws do not apply when you buy a note. You can create a yield that is very high when you buy a note at a discount with no usury problems. If however you are NOT buying a “purchase money” loan, you must make sure it is not usurious.

To learn the note business should cost about $325 plus $30 for a financial calculator. Stay away from high priced infomercial seminars. Then you will need about $500 - $1000 to market your business. You will need flyers, brochures and business cards to circulate amoung professional referral sources.

Your first step is to buy the book Calculator Power for sale on this site for $39. The check out the NoteWorthy web site at www.noteworthyusa.com.

Hope that helps
Jon Richards
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just a couple of start questions - Posted by JMR

Posted by JMR on August 23, 2002 at 22:33:39:

what a brilliant site

2 questions :- do usury laws affect what is chargeable on a note and if so, how ?

and more importantly, I’m just setting out in pittsburgh south west and am a little cash poor, would appreciate advice and suggestions as I do not want that to hold me back in what looks like an amazing business