Joe Kaiser note - Posted by AWWMi.

Posted by Warner(ATL) on June 19, 2001 at 18:51:30:


You didn’t mention about searching the Deed to see what name is actually on it. If its a person on the deed, and you really think you have a hot one, I would do a search on one of the internet people locator sites (e.g. These searches typically cost $30 and they will give you the addresses for the last ten years or so of the person. Somewhere in this chain, somebody knows what happened to this person. Also, I would try the postcard again and put “Do Not Forward-Address Correction Requested”. If you’ve already done this, it just may have been a mistake at the Post Office. This almost always works.

Joe Kaiser note - Posted by AWWMi.

Posted by AWWMi. on June 19, 2001 at 15:22:16:

I’m hunting down owner of a vacant property. I am inclined to think the owner is a senior citizen. Probably in a nursing home or at a family member’s house. I tried a boomerang postcard but the post office sent it to…somewhere, or threw it out. Anywhoo no return address. I’ll try them again. Called the tax assessor and was given a CPA as tax mailing address. Contacted same. He told me house ain’t for sale and couldn’t say anything more on the matter. Wasn’t given an estate or trust name by assessor so woman who owns it is probably only one on title. What would you do next? Try to find next of kin? If owners condition was bad enough to have to leave her house not sure if she can legally sign a contract etc… According to office the property is not in probate. Neighbors seem discreet on whereabouts of anyone connected to house. By the way, do you still do the Biz?
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Adrian W.

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Posted by A couple thoughts on June 20, 2001 at 13:04:46:

Are there any utilities on at the property? And if so, who is paying the bill?

I don’t agree that the CPA is sitting on it for himiself. Yes he may be a long time accountant for the family and discreet but I wouldn’t assume he is blocking a deal. Why not just send him your card and let him know if this or other properties come up for sale to give you a call?

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Posted by BillW. on June 19, 2001 at 21:41:59:

Your comment on the CPA’s response struck a cord with a previous deal I did. Try going to the courthouse and researching the previous owners. Then check death records and you’ll probably find that husband died and wife inherited property. Then, I woud check the CPA out real good. You’ll probably find out that the CPA is related to owner OR that CPA is handeling the deal and wants the property for himself. Therefore, he would automatically kill any potential deal. A little judicious investigating should find the owner. You might also find that the owner is not able to legally sign. This happens. If the CPA truly has this property locked up, you might as well pass. It would be unlikely that you could get a deal here.