jan1,2001 laws change to 1985? - Posted by mary

Posted by Tony-VA on December 05, 2000 at 05:38:08:

You may want to confirm this as a true “law” and not word of mouth. It could be. Some jurisdictions will begin to phase out older homes by passing local ordinances (1985 seems a bit harsh however).

Generally speaking, it is usually the park that has created this restriction as a means of increasing the parks marketability by adding newer homes.

Believe it or not, some park owners will refuse to allow older homes in, despite a large number of vacancies. I do not understand the reasoning myself (at least not in the short term). I suppose they could be hoping to capitalize on the Conseco fallout and hope to get newer repo homes moved in.

Chances are this park with the 40% vacancy has additional problems that makes it less desirable. Could be the poor management or ownership. It could be lot rents are above market, could be the park has become restrictive in a misguided effort to improve it’s tenant base. (It helps to have a tenant base first).

Park owners sometime seek long range solutions to immediate problems. I personally would rather combat the NOW problem of 40% vacancy. Then go from there.

My suggestion is to check with zoning to confirm the new law. Then go and check out other parks that may be easier to deal in.

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jan1,2001 laws change to 1985? - Posted by mary

Posted by mary on December 01, 2000 at 15:03:07:

i was checking out my first mobile home pm and was told in jan 1,2001 laws are forcing all 1985 and older out of reuse they wont allow any that age in their park and are making sure if one sells in their park ,they have to move it.now what?where can they go?i was turned down from their park the first time,i thought because i did not explain my self well.this time i used the ole i have a buyer that wants this park …it didnt work and wont allow it.said they may not pay rent so i offered to pay it ,that way they have 2 liable instead of one.they still said no.guess thats the way it is.the parks about 40% vacant and aint all that.i hear though that the pm is leaving come jan1 and i would like the job.whats the best way to get it?any ideas?maybe its for sale?somethings cookin…too much chitter chatter