Is there more than MLS systems in GA? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Tom Brown on November 20, 1998 at 13:50:11:

I have recently moved back to GA from OK, where I lived and invested for 9 years. I haven’t gone to any meetings or anything in GA yet. Due to the area I live in, I am considering moving into the mobile home area, something that I am not as well versed in. This will be in addition to other types of property that I have handled before. Mobile homes were not a popular item in OK due to our location in tornado alley.

Is there more than MLS systems in GA? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Yianni on November 14, 1998 at 16:04:51:

I heard that there are more than one MLS systems in GA, although my realtor tells me otherwise. Is that true?

Re: MLS and FMLS - Posted by Steve (GA)

Posted by Steve (GA) on November 16, 1998 at 18:27:15:

The area around Atlanta is served by two different listing services. They are MLS and First MLS (FMLS). Most local realtors belong to both and will list your property with both listing services. I currently have a property listed and it is in both services.

Steve (GA)

Re: Is there more than MLS systems in GA? - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on November 14, 1998 at 20:46:07:

Hello again Yianni. I assume that you are looking for courthouse records type of information. (I know that you were looking for that before) If so, I would suggest that you check out these sites.

http://WWW.KNOWX.COM/ (the largest 4 counties around Atl.)
also lists for some counties in North Georgia.

If you are looking for MLS data that is currently for sale you could check out but if you are looking for the entire functionality of the MLS system (there is only one that I am aware of) you would have to get access to (and PAY for) the MLS system. Realtors will fight with their last breath to keep that as inaccessible as possible. It’s the only reason that still exists that in any way justifies their fees. If everyone could put their houses into the MLS themselves there wouldn’t be a need for brokers or agents.

Re: Is there more than MLS systems in GA? - Posted by Tom Brown

Posted by Tom Brown on November 16, 1998 at 09:52:58:

Since we live in a largely rural state, sites like may be of little help unless you live in a larger town. Most of the sites are in the Atlanta or central Ga. areas. Give it a try and see what you find. The listings at will not give you a lot of specific information in most cases. The information is similar to the edited listing sheets that you can get from a Realtor.

The MLS system contains much more information that Realtors never show you. I, too, am convinced that Realtors guard this information to justify their fees.
But since the MLS system is managed by the local Board of Realtors, their is little recourse, except making friends with a Realtor that will give you the complete printout or do the work yourself. Don’t be discouraged, I have gotten the entire listing sheet from Realtors before, you just have to find the right one.

I found the following site for the Gwinnett County tax commissioner’s office.

Use the OTIS link from that page to access the tax records. You must have the tax account number or the parcel ID #. I found this link by accident, and since it is not in my area, I don’t have an account # or parcel ID to check and see what info you can actually find.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I do live in GA. ( Lowndes County )

Anyone else from GA has inputs here? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Yianni on November 15, 1998 at 09:18:16:

Thanks for your inputs Jeff, they are very much appreciated.
I like to here more from other GA investors on this subject if possible.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Is there more than MLS systems in GA? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Yianni on November 16, 1998 at 15:31:50:

Thank you for your feedback Tom. Do you ever go to GAreia meetings? (Or you Jeff).