Is LeGrand for Real? Numbers don't add up - Posted by JStone

Posted by Matthew Chan on June 22, 1999 at 24:06:44:

Yes, LeGrand’s contracts are a little rough around the edges in both presentation and wording. But nothing a little touching up and modifcation can’t fix! I had to make changes as well. LeGrand’s materials are good but getting a little dated by many of the references he makes on his tapes.

Is LeGrand for Real? Numbers don’t add up - Posted by JStone

Posted by JStone on June 19, 1999 at 15:11:18:

I was considering Ron LeGrand’s Cash Flow Generator he is selling for $39.95. I have not purchased anything yet and I am confused about his numbers he claims to have done.

For some reason, I am on his mailing list and have received several pieces of mail from him. Everytime I received a mailer, his number of deals and actual dollar amounts changed back and forth drastically. On one mailer 3 months ago he said he did 1,300 deals, the following month he did 1,180 deals, and now I have one that says he has done 1,275 deals.

When I went to his web site and looked up TV Course, he says he has done 1,275 deals for $40,000,000. This comes out to $30,000 per house as a selling price. This means he bought 1,275 properties for $5k -$10k each, repaired, and sold for $30,000. Is this correct? I found it strange that the numbers range so wildly. Can anyone shed some light on the matter? Should I trust him and who else do you recommend? Anyone in particular that sell on this board besides LeGrand?


Re: Is LeGrand for Real? Numbers don’t add up - Posted by Bill Farris

Posted by Bill Farris on June 21, 1999 at 11:01:22:

I can’t comment on the specific ? you ask about the #'s. Most of these guys kinda play fast and loose with numbers anyway. (Maybe because they are doing so much business it all runs together and changes minute to minute), but i can say from experience that LeGrand’s material is the best out there OVERALL. There are a lot of guys who are better in a specialized area, and I’ve bought them all, but for getting a great overview of FSBO’s, Lease/Options, and wholesale/retail, Ron’s the best. He’s made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and saved me no telling how much in mistakes. HOWEVER…I have to say that his style is rough, and he can even be rude. He’s no diplomat. He’s no humanitarian. He’s strickly after the money. And while his forms and contracts are good IN PRINCIPAL, the grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and case agreement on his forms is absolutely horrendous! (One trust agreement states in bold letters across the bottom, “THIS DOCUMENT SHALL NOT BE FILED IN THE PUBIC RECORDS OF ANY COUNTY.”) I have had to rewrite almost every document, line by line, because they are so badly written. But don’t hesitate to buy his courses. They’ll make you money.

Re: Is LeGrand for Real? Numbers don’t add up - Posted by Brad

Posted by Brad on June 19, 1999 at 19:49:06:

Although LeGrande is the only one I have studied, the money that I have paid has multiplied itself many times over. If you can take material and run with it, then get it. If not, then hang around this site, got to your local REI meetings, and ask people that have done it. Good Luck,

Re: Is LeGrand for Real? Numbers don’t add up - Posted by chris(FL)

Posted by chris(FL) on June 19, 1999 at 18:17:35:

The newer the material the higher the # of deals. I’ve got a tape set from about 5 years ago where the # was around 1000. As far a coming up w/an average profit , remember that one can do deals ranging from $ 1000.00 to _______ ( sky’s the limit ).