Is it Live or Memorex??? - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Mike Schmidt (IL) on May 01, 2001 at 14:42:40:

I have had my ad running for a week now and get 2 calls a day. The number is to a second phone line in my home. Just a brief message that I am sorry I missed your call, leave your name, number etc. I also have caller ID on this line and to date have only seen 2 calls where the person just hung up and did not leave a message.

A good line to have on your vmail or answering machine is “I am currently either on the phone or away from your desk, please leave a message and I will return your call shortly”…assuming you CAN infact return the call shortly and not have to wait till you get home from JOB.

Is it Live or Memorex??? - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on May 01, 2001 at 11:16:51:

I am a newbie, have gone thru CS No Money Down and LeGrand’s Lease Option Cash Flow system. Have just started LeGrands’s FSBO system. LeGrand stated in his course that when you start your marketing, you NEED a real live voice to answer the incoming calls (either yourself, trusted friend, answering service, etc.). I have a full time JOB so that’s out, friends are telling me this CRE stuff won’t work (I don’t believe them), i am not married, so that leaves an answering service. My question is, are any of you utilizing an answering service with a script for taking incoming calls? If so, did you start that way or did you start out with an answering Machine or a voicemail system? If you use voicemail or an answering machine, what type of message did you put on that? Thanks in advance for your input, I should wrap the FSBO course in the next day or two and will then be ready to begin my marketing!


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Posted by srkh on May 01, 2001 at 14:13:38:

The cheapest way I’ve found to “act” like you’re running a full time business when you are not (yet) is to have a voicemail system on a cell phone or pager. I like my cell phone because I can answer the calls when I’m available. If you have your primary number as a pager, you’re never able to anwer the calls (unless there’s some new technology that I haven’t figured out). You can just go to your car at lunch and “conduct business” on your phone and then turn it off when you go back in. Your potential client will just think you’re a hard hitter who is out looking at property!!! The key, in my opinion, is to call the client the same day – that’s still very professional if you ask me!

Re: Is it Live or Memorex??? - Posted by RussWhitneyConsultant0914

Posted by RussWhitneyConsultant0914 on May 01, 2001 at 13:48:05:

Hi Jeff,

I’ve used an answering service successfully in the past. You want one that answers with your company name in the greeting, i.e. “Jeff’s Real Estate, this is Lori”. Have the answering service state simply that you are not currently available to the phone but that you will return their call as quickly as possible. If the caller cannot leave a number, have the service direct them to call you at home in the evening. (An answering machine is acceptable here but try to pick up the phone yourself.)

Have the service page your beeper as soon as the call is received. Set your beeper to vibrate and be prepared to take the message while at your job. When you get a break, return the call. Try to do this as quickly as possible without losing your employment. I have lost many good potentials by not being able to respond quickly enough.

I don’t like long voicemail messages or “scripts” personally, though I have heard some good ones. Reserve this potential for the time when your incoming call volume is so great that you really have to sift through them.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Russ Whitney Real Estate Consulting Dept.
Whitney Education Group, Inc.

Re: Is it Live or Memorex??? - Posted by JThompson

Posted by JThompson on May 01, 2001 at 13:32:26:

Hi Jeff.

I too, like you, am a newbie. Followed this board for about three months, read everything I could get my hands on, and have recently taken the step into REI by searching for properties to buy and sell.

In answering your question, I took advice from something Jim from Illinois posted about a month ago about his system. I got a pager with voicemail (so I could be notified when someone left a message). On it, I simply said, in my own voice:
“Hello, my name is John, and I buy houses in any area and any condition. Please leave your name, number, the property you are calling about, and the best time you may be reached, and someone will call you back within 24 hours.”

This really has worked for me in the last two weeks. I posted seven strategically placed bandit signs in my town (I keep replacing these when they come up missing) and have gotten at least five calls a day on them to my voicemail. The nice thing about voicemail is that I can go ahead and find out a few things about the property before I call them back because they told me the property address. Also, you know that they are somewhat motivated to have to leave a message on your voicemail (which is a big part of the battle!)

So far so good. I am working on a couple of offers right now, with many others to follow up on.

Good luck.