Is CS current? - Posted by Lucky

Posted by Lucky on October 14, 1998 at 20:17:07:

I’m just finishing the CS course. I’m concerned about whether it’s up to date. Seems like he’s talking about 9.5% rates and a different economy. Also, though bankruptsy’s are still there, they have slowed in my state considerably over the last several years. Are there any new tax laws that make things tougher than when he did most of this course? I mean, if I’m ready to take the plunge, how do I know that what he said then is still on now? Please help me out here – what about the plunge in the market – do we need be concerned about a rents going down? I don’t expect answers to all of this; of course I can do alot of extra investigating and find out this stuff myself – but why hasn’t CS brought this course current?