...intensive screening of tenant/buyer... question - Posted by Matt

Posted by Terry (Houston) on July 31, 2001 at 17:58:44:

No Qualifying means no bank qualifying.

If a T/B has an issue with you checking his employment, getting at least on months worth of paycheck stubs, checking credit, calling their employers, ex landlords.

Getting an application listing all of their loans, you belonging to a land lord group that offers back ground checks on tenants, then you need a motivated buyer.

You do check them out, good, but there is no bank qualifying.

Louis Brown has a great course on property management that goes even greater in depth of this subject. You might search the archives as well for more info.

Hope this helps.


…intensive screening of tenant/buyer… question - Posted by Matt

Posted by Matt on July 31, 2001 at 16:51:09:

Hello all guru’s of Real Estate Investing,
In several of the posts I’ve read concerning explaining the strategy to a potential seller, the phrase “my company places tenant/buyers in the property…my company puts potential tenant/buyers through an intensive screening process to qualify them…” shows up in the letter or discussion explaining what will be done with the property.

Can somebody explain the “intensive screening process” you use and exactly how you qualify buyers. Seeing as you advertise “No Qualifying”, I’m curious how some of the potential buyers react to the screening that does take place.

Thanks in advance,