information please!!! - Posted by walter k wilmer

Posted by Ed Garcia on December 14, 2000 at 13:29:13:


If you’re looking to just flip raw land at the numbers that you’ve indicated, it definitely would not be worth obtaining new financing.

If you had a game plan to build out the property with upside then that would be a different story. Obviously if this property becomes water front property it would definitely increase in value. I don’t feel we have enough information on this deal to be of some help. If I felt that the deal was going to have a major increase in value, then I might see if the lady would be interested in lease optioning the property for her annual taxes, which would cost about $334 per month. You could lease it for a year to buy time to flip it or see what happens concerning the water front development.

Ed Garcia

information please!!! - Posted by walter k wilmer

Posted by walter k wilmer on December 14, 2000 at 07:52:35:

I have an opportunity to move a 280000, seller will except
260000 Im new in the buisness so Im looking for some guide
on how I should proceed in reference to financing. What I
want to do is flip it quickly. Also, in my area a new water front is being developed and I’ve been offered a some
land to sell and the seller just wants to get rid of the four thousand per year tax that she pays because she cant afford the land that was given to her. My question is, how should I set this deal up and is it worth bothering without
a buyer on hand?