Indiana property tax reassment=Nightmare - Posted by Al Nagy

Posted by js-Indianapolis on December 02, 2003 at 14:26:28:

I got my bill back in Spring. You should have also. Then of course, I got the recorrected bill. Then, the recorrected recorrected statement for the recorrected bill, but no adjustment, just a statement change. It all went real smooth. :wink:

I didn’t complain though, because through all that, my taxes dropped from about $1450 to around $950 a year. Yes, they DROPPED. My brother’s did too. He’s in a 1970’s neighborhood in Fishers.

I’m in a 1950’s neighborhood just south of Carmel, but not quite considered Homeplace. I’m in no man’s land really. 46280 zip though. You know what that means? Carmel is coming to annex us. I wonder how much of that $500 tax drop I’ll have once that happens?

Sorry to hear your rental went up. Let me guess, they’re older homes, but in nicer neighborhoods? Seems anyone in that situation got hosed. I’ve been getting leads from tired landlords ever since. I constantly hear myself telling them, “Why would I buy your house? I’d be in the same situation as you, NO CASHFLOW!!” Want some houses on that I can get on contract that don?t cashflow right now?

It’s rough right now. It should even out, in time. Wait for the economy to get a little better around here, for the recent flood of homes to get off the market, interest rates to climb a bit, and you’ll be back into positive cashflow. In the meantime, yup, more foreclosures to chase after. You want even better deals, be prepared to buy at tax sale next year.

Indiana property tax reassment=Nightmare - Posted by Al Nagy

Posted by Al Nagy on December 02, 2003 at 13:15:05:

The long-awaited reassessment for IN property taxes is reflected in bills mailed out last week. Any comments from others aware of or affected by this?
My taxes have gone up about 50% on my residence and one of 2 rentals; still awaiting bill on 2nd rental.
Looks like a lot more foreclosures coming soon in Indiana.
Comments please.
Al Nagy