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Posted by Jim IL on November 16, 2000 at 03:32:14:

Jim C.,
Okay, here is a simple ad that attracts calls.

I Buy Houses!
Any area/condition/price range

Frankly, I have yet to find an ad that filters out sellers and only gets those to call who are willing to L/O, seller carry, or do a “subject to” deal.
The idea is to get as many sellers to call you as possible, and then weed out the good deals when you talk to the sellers.
You cannot pre-determine what type of buying strategy you will employ until you talk to the seller and find out what they NEED.
After you hear what the seller NEEDS, not wants, then you can make an offer that works for you.
If you can structure an offer that solves the sellers problems, and makes you a profit, then you have a deal.
Sounds simple, and when that TRULY motivated seller does call you, it is.
The real fun is when a not-so motivated seller calls you and you STILL buy the home.
Then again, it is also fun to buy from motivated sellers as well.
Heck, buying houses IS just plain fun, maybe that is why we do not call this “our J.O.B.”?
I love those who call and practically BEG for me to take there home. (And YES, this does happen!)

Bottom line, forget trying to tailor your ad to a specific type of deal.
Just make an ad that tells the world you buy houses and how to get ahold of you.
Then, go buy some houses!

Jim IL

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Posted by Jim C on November 15, 2000 at 22:01:50:

If I were to place an ad in the newspaper, what kind of ad will attract the most motivated sellers? I mean what exactly should the ad say?

I would like to attract sellers that will do seller financing and maybe attract sellers that are going to soon be in foreclosure. How do I make an Ad that attracts these people?