I'm scratching my head on this... - Posted by JoeOh

Posted by Wesley on July 16, 2006 at 07:37:21:

Obviously this is a great start: “obviously” because you said that people were helping themselves to the tear-offs.

The line to work on is the one that starts “facing foreclosure?”

Begin making subtle changes to the wording:
Need to sell your house? Want Money Fast? Skip the fixups!

Or…how about:
Afraid of Foreclosure? Need a way out? Want friendly help?

See what I’m doing here? Each time you change the wording and post them up, keep careful track of tear-offs and calls. Try to discern if it is men who tear it off and then forget it in their pocket, or is it women who tear off and then get scared to call. Or vice versa.

I’m scratching my head on this… - Posted by JoeOh

Posted by JoeOh on July 15, 2006 at 04:44:12:

I have 3 gas stations that let me post my flyers next to the gas pumps. And these stations all have 4 pumps each. I have the ads situated to where people on both sides of each pump can view the flyer. Also, the flyer has nice large tear-off tags so they won’t be lost too easily.

I’m getting about 1 call a week at best. And 1/2 of the time when I do get a call it’s someone trying to sell me adspace or some GC fishing for more work. I don’t mind that part, I welcome more business partners for networking reasons…

But what has me scratching my head is the fact that so many tags get ripped off (within a week of posting 30%-40% of the tags get ripped off) and I’m getting so few calls. I mean they KNOW by reading that ‘WE BUY HOUSES’. It isnt like I’m sending out 1000 post cards to blanket a neighborhood or something.

So, the person reads the ad, thinks about it, and then makes the effort to tear off the tag and put it in their purse/pocket.

Now I calculated on how many people see the ad on a daily basis here’s the numbers:

12 posts with flyers
8 people per hour on average who fill up
24 hours per day

12 * 8 * 24 = 2304 times per day the ad is viewed.

Now I realize that many people goto that gas station on a regular basis and maybe 25% of them see the ads almost everyday. If thats the case, why are so many tags getting ripped off and I rarely get a call?

Oh, and many of these calls that I get from homeowners are almost always in no-win situations to where the banks don’t want to deal with my partner (10+ years experience in the biz) and I.

So any ideas on whats going on here? I’d hate to think that they see the ad, get the tag, and then get the nerve to call someone else up.

P.S. The flyers I have posted have my cell phone number, and my cell is always on me to get calls. And even if I miss the call, it would say so. So far when I have missed calls, they were from friends or family.


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Posted by Frank Chin on July 16, 2006 at 10:06:52:


An interesting observation, but while I’m curious as to the cause, I won’t let it bother me too much either.

While not for RE, I’ve done mail soliciations, and flyers distributed by “free magazines”, and I’ve been told 1% to be a great response rate, and typically, it goes down from there. If you get one or two calls, that may be typical, based on the numbers you cited.

Then, it depends on the economy of your area. If its not a bad market, I wouldn’t expect myself or friends of mine to call a stranger from a flyer from a gas station pump. In the NYC area, I’ve been told that “we buy houses ads” in the newspapers, or flyers posted in churches, supermarkets, laundromats draw almost NO responses. And responses are usually from people who have no idea what “we buy houses” means, and call on something totally unrealted.

Someone who was doing this business in my area solicit attorneys who folks with these problems would normally consult, and feel comfortable after referred by an attorney.

In fact, I see flyers with phone tags in my area for cleaning, babysitting, contracting services of all kinds. And sometimes I see flyers up for weeks, wrinkled by weathering, and NO phone tags ripped off, thinking that maybe the ad wasn’t done right, or there’s no demand for the service. In fact, I pulled phone tags off flyers when I noticed a few tags taken already, and curious enough to call to see what the service was about. In my book, having tags taken would be a plus.

As to wondering WHO took, them, one can only speculate. Usually, low paid station attendants work the pumps or the cahs register for self service, and you might just want to pay the man or girl a few bucks to report back to you who’s been ripping the tags off, and pay him extra if he can chat with a customer taking a tag. Or you can hang around yourself if you have the time.

I’ve been told that using store help can be a cheap way of marketing. A friend started a line “tea”, and was fortunate enough to get supermarket shelf space for it. For some reaon it was not selling, so he asked the stock boys if they knew why.

He was told the other tea guys would shove his stuff to the back of the shelf, and put their stuff in front. So for ten or twenty bucks a week, he asked the stock boys to push the other guy’s stuff to the back, and his to the front, and sales picked up quite dramatically.

In many businesses, store help can be a good source of referral, marketing observation, putting in a good word, and you’re surprised at homw little it costs for them to do it for you, since it’s extra money for them.

Frank Chin

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Posted by Ad on July 16, 2006 at 24:25:24:

One reason I believe you get so many tags ripped off is may be some people don’t have a pen and it is easier to for them to get your phone number with the tag.
Good Luck!

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Posted by Alvin Tebag Williams on July 15, 2006 at 09:38:20:

“And 1/2 of the time when I do get a call it’s someone trying to sell me adspace or some GC fishing for more work. I don’t mind that part, I welcome more business partners for networking reasons…”

nice rationalization

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Posted by wordlink on July 15, 2006 at 09:03:20:

This same phenomenon occurs in internet marketing. First you show a splash page with a “tell me more” button.

Then those that click THAT button are taken to a page that tells more about the service. That page has a registration or email sign up.

Many more people will click to the second page than will sign up.

People tearing off the tab are like clicking to the second page. Calling is like “signing up” or registering. There is more commitment in doing that and people get scared.

People are afraid to talk to strangers on the phone. They feel deep shame at their predicament and fear you will use psychological sales techniques to rip them off. (Just as you fear your email will be abused if you give it out to “sign up for” something online.)

Your poster text must answer these fears. Currently it is not doing it (apparently).

So now it is time for split testing.

Change the poster slightly – take down the old and put up the new – and count the number of tags vs calls on the changed one. Then after a week, repeat the process.

I know it sounds painfully meticulous, but this is exactly what the ads you see on TV have done. They have discovered that an ad works. They may not know “why” it works…but why ask why? The talking Gekko for instance…

I have seen TV ads for “We Buy Houses” and the guy is very sympathetic. He talks to you intimately in his car while he drives. He says earnestly, “If you need to sell your house fast…and are able to be a little flexible in your terms…I can help.”

Note: “little flexible”…“able to be” vs “willing to sell at a loss”. Let’s face it: if they are selling to you, in their mind they’re parting with their house at a garage sale for cents on the dollar.

Strike that! I just said “parting with their house”. That’s your perspective. Try: “parting with their home”. To you it’s a house. To them it’s their home.

Your ad copy must answer this! Try a very warm picture of you and your wife on the poster. Try using some of the wording I’ve just suggested. Try putting a picture of a puppy. (See for example: www.wordlink.net/marketing/NewVisionSplash.html a very successful splash page of mine.)

And…best of luck to you!


Here’s what my ad looks like… - Posted by Joe (Oh)

Posted by Joe (Oh) on July 16, 2006 at 01:41:54:

It has the phone number taken out so I won’t be accused of trying to advertise. Here’s the link:

Whatcha think?