Ideas Contest! - Posted by Rich

Posted by Reif on December 28, 1998 at 23:21:24:

So eliminate the booze. Most college kids aren’t old enought to legally drink anyway.

How about an internet cafe?

You know, coffee and internet surfing.

Unless most of the college kids have computers now (may be, don’t know).


Ideas Contest! - Posted by Rich

Posted by Rich on December 27, 1998 at 10:50:17:

Hi. I’m going to give everyone a chance to get their creative juices flowing this holiday season. There will be no prizes or other awards, and as always, there will be NO WAGERING. Here goes.
The property:
3 story commercial building (plus finished basement). 35’ x 130’. Roughly, 3500 square feet of usable space on each floor. Stair access to each floor. Fronts on a downtown street with public parking on the street (metered). An alley runs to the right of the property to a rear alley. Property has no land or parking privileges allocated with it,(owner just sold a 35 car parking lot that was convenient to the property).
The environment:
Building is located in a small college town…about 3/4 mile from the college (within walking distance, but a good jaunt, especially in winter). Other downtown businesses consist of a couple of restaurants, a hotel, a movie theatre, a book store, a card shop, 2 banks, 3 pizza shops, 2 bars, and that’s about it.
The problem:
You are the real estate agent and the owners have moved out of the area. They want you to SELL. But with no parking to speak of, the types of businesses are extremely limited. What type of business would you encourage to look into this property, and why?

Re: Ideas Contest! - Posted by Charles - DFW

Posted by Charles - DFW on January 01, 1999 at 03:05:03:

My first thought would be to put in an indoor laser tag or paint ball arena. But I don’t think the building is large enough.

If the structure permitted, I would take out the floors on one half of the building and put in one of those wall climbing areas, whatever they call them.

The other half-
First floor: Pizza, Coffe, Ice cream shops with an open area for eating/visiting. (Televisions to watch sports)
Second floor: Arcade room including some pool tables, dart boards - do people still play darts?
Third floor: Sorry not creative enough to think of anything…

Re: Ideas Contest! - Posted by Frank

Posted by Frank on December 27, 1998 at 14:02:48:

My first thoughts run toward businesses that can be
run largely with student employees who don’t need
on-site parking.
Telemarketing can be done from any location accessible by phone, and tends to work well in college towns with part-time student employees. Telemarketing firms range from the smallest to the very large, so you might be able to find a firm able to use the whole building.
The building might also be feasible for one or more
art galleries, or for artists’ studios, or perhaps
for a child care facility if sufficient local demand
exists. Also you might be able to negotiate with the
town a favorable long-term parking rate for the spaces
in front of your building, which might make it more
attractive to a prospective buyer.

Re: Ideas Contest! - Posted by A Miller

Posted by A Miller on December 28, 1998 at 15:18:58:

I went to a small collete town like this in Texas.
The only entertainment was a movie theater in town
that showed old movies. It changed once every 6 weeks.
The biggest need in the area is from the students.
I would copy a highly popular business in my area.
It`s a huge building full of pool tables, beer bar,
pizza etc. all geared to young people and is a great
meeting place. [ Build it and they will come? ]
I was always amazed that there was all that potential
for marketing to students and nothing in town for them.

Re: Ideas Contest! - Posted by Rich

Posted by Rich on December 28, 1998 at 15:52:54:

I think the number one concern with college students is alcohol. They’re full of p*ss and vinegar to begin with, and mix in the booze and you’ve got potential for major destruction. I used to tend bar in a college hang out, and was in the middle of more than one fight. Cleaning up after a busy night was no picnic either. For whatever reason, it seemed that these students enjoyed seeing how much mess they could create - I won’t go into details, but imagine the worst, and I’ve seen it. It might be the perfect solution for the property, however. I just won’t tell any prospective buyers of my first hand experience!!!