I stepped in it... - Posted by Jim Pasquini

Posted by Jim Pasquini on February 09, 2001 at 24:43:34:

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I stepped in it… - Posted by Jim Pasquini

Posted by Jim Pasquini on February 08, 2001 at 19:15:30:

Yup, dog turd all over my shoes. I screwed up. I fumbled. I slept in on final exam day. I left the office on Wednesday and plum forgot all about our regularly scheduled telementoring session that I was covering for Bill Gatten while he sunbathes in Florida with Marty Weisberg in preparation for this weekends workshop in Jacksonville, FL. So what does a man do about it? You do what you can to make it right. So, here?s the deal.

  1. A make up telementoring session will be held Saturday, February 10. We are going to do the East Coast folks a favor by starting it at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. No late night excuses for any of you folks. For those of you time zone challenged that will be 4 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Mountain, and 10 a.m. for our Hawaiian friends. If you have a topic you want covered email it to me by close of business Friday at jim@cal-equity.com . We?ll go for an hour or so, and then open it up for questions. I?ll field questions as long as they keep coming. To listen in call (580) 431-8081 about five minutes before hand and use PIN 12700 to enter the conference. I promise, the curtain will come up.
  2. If you dialed in Wednesday night and got to listen to the dentist chair music while I was over at my inlaws having dinner (when your wife doesn’t cook you call a Subway sandwich dinner) I?ve got something for you I think will help to square the ledger. It isn?t something coming from Bill or Cal-Equity. I?m doing this because it is the right thing to do. What you need to do is send an email to unfairadvantage@yahoogroups.com telling me your name, and what city you are in. We?ll talk more about the details of what is in store for you for doing this. Just a note, if you didn?t phone in but still try to sign up I?ll know. Remember, we pay for that conference line and we get a log of how many callers there were and where the phone calls are coming from.

I hope this helps out some of you that need your telementoring fix, because the PACTrust withdrawal shakes are a terrible thing to witness. If this allows a few more of you to listen in and find out more about this program so much the better. Regardless of which category you are in I hope you?ll join us this Saturday.