I QUIT, and FEAR is the BEST Motivator I have - Posted by J

Posted by raelynn mitchell on December 11, 1998 at 13:15:19:

someone else in that store to file a complaint for letting the guy go. Makes for a LOT of problems, the least of which is aiding and abetting if he let the guy go.

You’d be surprised at the stupid things people complain about AFTER the life threat is over.


I QUIT, and FEAR is the BEST Motivator I have - Posted by J

Posted by J on December 11, 1998 at 02:23:09:

Well folks, I’m the guy who started the thread on Quitting your Job. I did just that and do NOT regret it for a minute. There was a time when I loved my job. I also miss it to some extent, because it was a lifestyle, not just any old job. You see, I was a cop. A member of the largest fraternity in the world. Nobody understands cops like cops. Much like the other REI people we are all meeting here. We are all different, and yet we have more in common with one and other than I’d ever imagined.
I keep coming up with things that happened to me earlier in life and using them for motivation and inspiration.
For example:
I know that when placed in a corner, FEAR alone motivates me to get out! I can always find a solution to escape whatever it is that has me cornered. Not always with the result I would like, or wish for, but I am out none the less. Some will say that this is only luck! I like to think of it as being “creative in the pursuit of a solution”.
I am NOT afraid to ask even the dumbest questions. As my high school physics teacher said often, "the only stupid question is the one never asked."
I remember one night while on duty as a cop and stopping for coffe in the local “mini-mart”. I used the restroom, and returned to the front of the store to interupt an armed robbery. I was scared to DEATH when I looked up and saw the barrel of a gun pointed right at me. Now this is a corner that scared me. I felt that I had no where to run. The “PERP” yelled at me to “freeze” and I complied. I saw the desperation in this mans eyes, and realized at that moment he felt trapped as well. I asked him if I could speak, and he said “WHAT?!?!” I said OBVIOUSLY you are in a bind here, and I can see that. I can see you are a decent man, who has simply run out of solutions, and this was your last resort. “May I ask how much money you need and for what?” This was not the department SOP answer to this situation. In fact, they say “BE QUIET” and do what he says. “WAIT” for the situation to present an opportunity to disarm the subject, and “WAIT” for backup.
Here is what happened;
The “perp” said, “man, I haven’t eaten in days, and I just need money to get food!” I said to him, “You seem like an honorable man, let me LOAN you the money NOW, and BUY you some food NOW.” Afterall, we are in a food store. He said why would you do that? I said because I’m tired, and ready to go home in a few minutes, and arresting you will only make my shift run over. I then told him that I’d loan him everything in my wallet, but I wanted him to "Sign an I.O.U., payable WHENEVER he could pay it back."
I then glanced at the clerk, and saw FEAR in her eyes, and a look of "You are one CRAZY COP!"
I then asked him to allow me to S-L-O-W-L-Y remove my wallet to see how much I had. He said DO IT SLOW! I did. I then asked the clerk to get this man a Hotdog, and ring it up, I was buying. The “perps” mouth watered. The clerk then handed him his “Dog” and he told us “Not to move” and snarfed it. When he was done, he actually thanked me. I then said , “now about our loan?”, let me take out my note pad and write an I.O.U. and you sign it, taking my $23. I then wrote the I.O.U. and handed it to him to sign. the “perp” then set down his gun, signed the I.O.U. and asked the clerk to ring him up another hot dog. He then handed her my money, and waited for his change. The entire time his gun was on the counter in front of him, but too far from me to grab. He saw me eyeing it, and said, “don’t worry, I won’t shoot you, the gun isn’t loaded anyway.” I then said, “did you like the hotdogs?” He replied “yes” and I said “good, that is what we serve at the jail every Thursday for lunch”. He asked me what that meant, and I said it meant that he’d get more tommorrow. I then cuffed him, and radioed for backup.
I know this is a long story and many of you may feel it has NOTHING to do with RE. But, I have recieved such GREAT inspiration from others stories here, that I felt I had to share one more with you, and the lessons I gleened from it.
Do not let FEAR scare you, make it your motivation when faced with what may seem impossible odds. And always learn from every situation you come upon.
I have, and continue to do so. Asking questions is how we learn, from childhood to death. Remember that you are only in a corner when you percieve there to be walls.
Every month I make sure that I am actively seeking deals, and know that if I do not perform, I may not eat, or have a place to live. This is my FEAR, and it motivates me. My wife wasn’t thrilled with it, especially when I quit my “cop job”, but she has since seen a new me. One that is happy in his pursuit of financial freedom. She says that to see me work is a thrill, even when I get frustrated becasuse I LOST a deal. When that happens, I usually become even more aggressive in my pursuit of the next.
Sorry for the length of this post, sometimes I just type like a madman when I get on an idea…thanks again to all of you who have shared your knowledge and experience, here at CREO. Õ¿Õ

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Posted by Jeff, Montana on December 12, 1998 at 18:18:27:

E-mail me please, we need to talk about some things! And I like your style-

Re: I QUIT, and FEAR is the BEST Motivator I have - Posted by Jeff Rader

Posted by Jeff Rader on December 12, 1998 at 18:16:00:

Dear J,
E-mail me, please, we’ve got some things to talk about! And I like your style-

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Posted by JOHNMAN on December 12, 1998 at 13:56:09:

That is a great story. Thanks for sharing it. It is inspirational.


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Posted by Millie I. on December 12, 1998 at 01:31:53:


It takes a lot of courage to quit a job, but you bravely made the transition. So Society lost one good cob, but you got back control of your life, I am happy for you. When a man has put out a lot for Society, it is just fair that he concentrates on the well being of his own family for a change.

Problem Solving skill is one of the key requirements to success in real estate investment. You appear to be very well developed in that area, I am sure you will do very well. Good Luck, and enjoy what you are doing, it makes challenges fun to conquer.

If you make it to Dallas, I would like to shake your hand.
Millie I.

What did I miss? - Posted by karp

Posted by karp on December 11, 1998 at 11:54:28:


I can’t help asking this, see, I have many cops who are
my friends, I have 1 who is a tenant (well a lease option, now) as well. But as a whole the represent an authority who is beyond my control…

I was reading this and as I was I was saying man I would love to meet this guy, J. He reasoned, found a solution, even gave the guy the benefit of the doubt to
prove himself…awesome! But then you arrested him anyway. I am NEVER siding with the criminal or anything like that. I am the most staunch libertarian that i know. But I can’t see where things turned that, when you were doing so well breaking protocol, you arrested him anyway?

Now before the rest of you build a cross for me, let me qualify and say I KNOW I was not there and if I was it would have been way worse because I am the biggest chicken in the world I probably would have gotten him 2 hotdogs at once, waited so he couldn’t target me, and killed him. I am that sneaky like that.

J, on the other hand, ALMOST did the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life…


aka Karl Hartley

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Posted by Jim_NC on December 11, 1998 at 09:54:49:

I quit my job four months ago and I don’t regret it a bit. I had a good “PAYING” job, but not a “GOOD” job. I was in the car business and made $100,000+ last year. I worked 60-80 hours per week and never had time to spend with my wife or for myself. I know many of you have wondered how in the world I was so broke when I first started doing REI. It basically boiled down to a bad buisness venture with a “former” friend. I invested everything I had and lost it all. I have no one to blame but myself and I learned and have gone on.
For those of you considering quiting a job to start investing. I don’t know what to say except go with your gut. I quit my job and started investing with the attitude “I can’t fail at this, I have to eat and have a roof over my head”. If you know in your heart you can do it, then go for it. If not, then don’t quit your job and try to do REI part time. My wife went to work to help with the bills when I did this and it sure helped. She had never worked the whole time we have been married so it was an adjustment for her. She only makes $300 per week, and now that we are doing well in the REI she won’t quit her job. She loves it! I must point out that we do not have children (yet) and if we did I would have never quit my job until I had replaced my income. We didn’t mind making the sacrafices but I would never make my children do it.

Thanks to REI and all the help from you at this websight our life has changed so much. I have time to do the things I want to (although lately I have been so busy it is starting to feel like a job! lol). Thanks again everyone and I hope you all have a great Christmas and let’s all make a bundle in '99!

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Posted by Sandy FL on December 11, 1998 at 07:25:19:

That was an awesome story! And congratulations on your shift in career! I dare say that if I was your spouse, I would be thrilled to know you were more safe everyday being a RE investor than a cop. Just my opinion (as a nurse).

Ok so here is a couple of observations:
You already demonstrated that you can think on your feet. Even when ‘backed in a corner’ and feeling panicked, your brain was in gear. You also were thinking of a CREATIVE SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM, which is what a huge part of this business is. Obviously, you are already a “people person”. You probably have a pretty good handle on understanding a neighborhood or two, and may even know a few attorneys and contacts to help you on your way. Way to go! It sounds like you have the ingredients for success!

Sandy FL

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Posted by SCook85 on December 11, 1998 at 07:19:58:

Back on June 21 of this year I too just quit my job. I hadn’t made my first nickel in real estate. I knew that it was what I wanted to do and I was going to go forwrd. I started out with a partner who did not seem to be interested in making money. He tried to find every reason why we should not sell someone a home rather then find a way to do so. I had to split up the partnership because I feared not eating or paying my bills, within the next 2 and a half months I completed 11 transactions. Most of these were quick flips that I did not make a whole lot of money on but I did make 3 times as much as I was making with my job. I too believe that fear is motivation and wish you the best of luck.


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Posted by Darla on December 11, 1998 at 07:16:48:

WELL J, that may not have been about REI but It sure set my clock ticking this morning. I have a few friends on the LAPD and a lot of stories like yours but they are still there. Congratulations (although the world needs more cops like you) and go out there and make those deals. DARLA

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Good story