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Posted by Jeanne on October 18, 2006 at 11:27:43:

We’ve put together a very special update for you,
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This issue’s feature article:

“How to Close Every Deal, Even in a Slow Market”

For some, the housing market has drastically
slowed over the past year. When you understand how
to use “carryback financing” you will close more
deals quickly. Imagine the possibilities!

I dug up this archived How-to Article that explains the
basic principles of investing in discounted real estate
notes (a.k.a. “paper”):

“A Crash Course on Discounted Paper”

If you are an investor interested in investing in
discounted paper, understanding these principles
will help you to develop sound investment criteria.

I hope this two-part article removes some of the
mystery and clarifies the topic for you.

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