How many termites are too many??? - Posted by nate

Posted by HR on July 12, 2001 at 19:35:29:


I’ve NEVER bought a rehab project (and I’ve bought a few) that didn’t have termite damage. Granted, we got a HUGE termite problem here in New Orleans, but I agree completely: those critters scare the crap out of most folks. Yours are likely native subterraneans, and they don’t eat that much. If it’s not a slab home, but raised, see if you can see the mud trails underneath. Termites hate light and love water. If it is a slab, see if you can see where/how they are getting in.

Push hard on walls to see if they “give” too much. You may need to demo some rooms, restud, resheet rock, and then paint etc, but I always get such ridiculous prices for these places that it’s a bargain in comparison to the repair work.

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How many termites are too many??? - Posted by nate

Posted by nate on July 12, 2001 at 09:52:06:

A friend of mine asked a question yesterday that I thought would be a good one for the experts.
When termites are detected in a home that you are looking to purchase, what does it take for you to back out of a deal? Mainly, if there is just structural damage, or if any are detected do you folks pass on them?
Just curious, and thanks for your replies!

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Being a rehaber I love termites! Man, nothing scares the hell out of sellers or realtors than termites. Although you must be careful and thorough in your look over they usually don’t do much damage. They are cheap to treat and the repairs are usually inexpensive in terms of material. Now I did look at 2 house over the years that were ate up and needed a bulldozer. One we pushed hard on the door and it fell in. But over all I find them to create bargains. DanT

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