How many stars do you give Boot Camp? - Posted by Tara

Posted by Willie on June 17, 2001 at 10:08:09:

Tara. Ron Legrand’s bootcamps and courses are excellent, if not expensive. They are probably worth it to someone who is really dedicated to learning all the twists of the business. For brand new investors, they are a little deep and hit you with a lot of information right up front that you may not grasp easily. If you have no experience, I would suggest you read all the articles on this site on investing two or three times as JonBoy says, and all posts and ask questions, go to your local REIA meetings and perhaps invest in one of the many starter or simpler courses offered here. Then when you feel you have all the basics down pretty well, you can jump into a bootcamp, if that subject interests you more than others and you feel the need. The R.E. business is like anyother. You need to crawl before you walk and then run. Thats our experience for what it is worth.

How many stars do you give Boot Camp? - Posted by Tara

Posted by Tara on June 16, 2001 at 23:07:22:

I am really interested in going to Ron LeGrand’s boot camp for wholesale/retail investing. If you have gone, or know someone that has gone, do you recommend it? I would have to put the fee on my credit card and am wondering if that is a wise move since I’m new to investing. It may be a better move to keep my line of credit as open as possible, but then I miss the experience/knowledge.

Please let me know what you would recommend.

Thanks and happy investing!