how many MH is yoo many? - Posted by Don

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on July 16, 2001 at 12:38:43:

It’s really not a question of adminstration, it’s more a question of how much money you want to make.

Let’s say you have 60 homes. If everyone pays when due, you have no adminstration problems. If 5 are late every month, then you deal with it.

Weather that becomes a hassle or not is really up to you.

I used the number 60, as I own a 55+ (60 spaces) and collect lot rent on the first of the month (no park owned units). I’ve never had a tenant pay late, unless they were out of state and had to mail it in. There were 2 occasions when the lot rent was late due to a pending sale of 2 different homes, a phone call to each party concerned took care of it.

Now granted the lot rent will always be due (as in forever)… and when selling a home on contract it will eventually be paid off… this of course means you can then add another home to replace that lost income, should you desire to.

The ONLY problem I can see that you might run into (besides a deliquent) would be your distance from a problem and the time involved to resolve it.

Therefore, I’d suggest that you not invest in anything more than an hour away from you.

If the above doesn’t answer your concerns, be more specific and I’ll try to provide some perspective.

how many MH is yoo many? - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on July 16, 2001 at 08:47:21:

How many MH sold on contract/sale is a managable amount for an individual? There are many factors that effect this decision and I’m sure the criteria is different for most successful MH investors.Seek opinions

Re: how many MH is yoo many? - Posted by Robert McNeely

Posted by Robert McNeely on July 18, 2001 at 21:37:49:

It becomes easer as you go. I now have 8 units in inventory, did not go looking for any of them. After 30 or 40 deals you develope a reputation and sellers seek you out. As you do more deals, your cash flow improves to the point that you can pay for many out of the current cashflow. I have also found that the more you do the cheaper you are able to buy them. I don’t seem to pay as much in general as I once did, maybe the negotating skills are getting sharper. I do find that the records I keep must be kept in order. No more keeping things in my head, I don’t know if this is more due to the quantity or my age catching up to me.