How do I overcome 'Subject To' objections? - Posted by Alison

Posted by Tom – IN on July 23, 2001 at 15:40:36:

The first seller wasn’t motivated. The second seller may not have been motivated enough. One thing is to point out that you make all your profit when you sell their home. So why would you work all week, and not come in on Friday for payday.

How do I overcome ‘Subject To’ objections? - Posted by Alison

Posted by Alison on July 23, 2001 at 14:15:34:


I approached two owners of properties yesterday about doing a subject to deal as both were moderatly motivated, one was building another house and need to sell by the end of August and the other was already moved into another home and has a bridge loan which she has been paying since she moved out 4 months ago

I asked them about their needs and what they would need to make a deal. Both had reasonable needs and would have left room for me to make a nice profit. However, as I decribed the way that I purchase properties, the one with the bridge loan started shaking her head as soon as I started explaining. I did ask her to let me finish explaining how we would both have a win-win situation, but she wouldn’t even listen (yes, I know now that she isn’t ‘really’ motivated yet).

The other couple listened and were interested, but as soon as they asked if their names would still be on the loan, they said they would not be comfortable doing that. I explained how I would have a contractual obligation to perform, etc… but that was a sticking point.

Is there something I am doing wrong? How do you subject to experts get around this issue? I explained that there would be a limit on how long it would be in their names before being cashed out (e.g. 3 years).