How do I get good comps? - Posted by Paul

Posted by Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az) on October 29, 2000 at 12:11:53:


I have always found the best way to get the most accurate comps is through a “REALTOR®”, however I know this is not always the smoothest way to approach this unless of course you have a good working relationship with that person.

Other means of aquiring somewhat good comps are through the use of some of the FREE services offered through the internet. Here are a few:

When you get to their homepage click on Title Advantage. Follow the instructions on how to set up you own free account and go to town!

Then you can try this:

Pretty simple to use. Just follow the basic instructions and you should be on you way!

There are others out there as well, but try these first. If they don’t work (But they should) then come back here and post again for more suggestions.

I’m sure you’ll get some other follow ups that will include some other sites as well.

Best of Luck & Success to you.

Hope this helps

Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az)

How do I get good comps? - Posted by Paul

Posted by Paul on October 28, 2000 at 23:51:50:


How do I get good comparative sales prices (actually what people have paid for comparable homes, rather than FMV) per neighborhood? I have heard realtors can be a little snooty and would rather get my info using other methods if any are known. Thanks.