Houses Wanted Ad - Posted by Ron

Posted by Joe Kaiser on October 27, 1998 at 04:23:24:

Strangely enough, people with rundown houses are often the least motivated people you’d ever run into.

And my ad runs 7 days a week for $187.50 a month.


Houses Wanted Ad - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on October 26, 1998 at 17:56:03:

I’m thinking of running a property wanted ad.

I’m looking for fixer uppers and am skeptical that these owners will be looking in the paper.

Anyway, my question is does it make sense to run the ad on Sunday only (when most of the RE ads run) or daily. I’m wondering if sellers of a rundown property are mainstream enough to know that Sunday is the big day for RE ads. On the other hand, these ads are expensive and I don’t want to pay for seven days when one will do.

I will probably run it for a month or so. Thoughts?



For good results… - Posted by Jason-DTX

Posted by Jason-DTX on October 28, 1998 at 18:14:51:

You need to run the add every day for it to be effective. One deal will pay for the whole year of adds. If you can’t afford to run the add in the major paper in your area, then run it in the local shopper type papers. (ie Greensheet, Thrifty nickel, The Shopper) You would be better off running a daily add in a cheaper paper than running a weekly add in a major paper.

I use both in the Dallas area. Day in, Day out I have an add in the Dallas Morning News and in the Greensheet. Both adds are working about the same, however the DMN add cost $300 a month for 2 lines and the greensheet add cost $95 for 6 weeks for a 2 inch square add.
Run your add for at least a month to test it. You should have a deal by then and be glad to run a daily add.
Good Luck.


P.S. My DMN add is in the paper with about 20 others and mine is one of the smallest and I still get several deals from it.

Re: Houses Wanted Ad - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on October 27, 1998 at 10:18:05:

The idea of running the ad is to get exposure. The more your ad runs the more exposure you get. A paerson may see your ad today but call you 6 months later if they have noticed your ad many times in the paper. This shows your around and in business for the long term. After someone has noticed your ad a few dozen times your ad will be the first thing that pops in their mind if and when then ever have a need to sell in a hurry. If they have a friend that needs to sell in a hurry your ad would be reccomended to them because they’ve seen it so many times before. Its in their memory. When ever the thought of selling a house comes to mind, your ad will be one of the first things that will pop in their mind.

My ad runs every day. Its cheaper to pay by the month than it is by the week or by the day. My paper offers a bigger discount if you sign up for a 12 month term. I was paying $139 per month and now its down to $99 per month because I committed to 12 months.

Lets say I only got one house in the entire 12 months the ad ran. Do you think you will make more than $1200 profit off that one house?

Repeat advertising is one of the key’s to success. The more people see your ad the more response and business you will get over time.

Let me give you an idea on how effective advertising plays a role in your memory.

Remember the commercial and slogan that used to say:

You can take _________ out of the country but! You can’t take the country out of ________! What’s the missing words here?? This was an old slogan that hasn’t been on tv for years, but people know exactly what it is when they hear it.

What’s one of the first things that comes to a person’s mind when they here Pepsi?? Answer: Michael Jackson.

You deserve a break today, so get up and get away too ________!

What brand of cigarette comes to mind when you see a cowboy on a horse smoking a cigarette???

So why do these old ads still remain in our memory when we see or hear something that pertains to the product? Because its been drilled in or heads over and over so many times in the past that we will seem to never forget about it.

As time goes by, what is the first thing that is going to come to a persons mind if they ever need to sell in a hurry? The same ad that’s been running in the paper day in and day out over the last several months or years. They may see it 100 times before they ever have a need to call on it. But when the need arises, it could be your ad they think of. If your running only one day a week they might only see your ad a few times over a year. But if it runs daily they may have seen it over a 100 times. The more they see it, the more chances of them calling on it.

Re: Houses Wanted Ad - Posted by Karen McCall

Posted by Karen McCall on October 27, 1998 at 09:59:40:

Sellers are more motiviated on Monday than Sunday after all they have just spent another weekend couped up in the house waiting for someone to make an offer on their home,However just knowing that it usually takes someone 7 times of seeing the same advertisement to respond I’d recommend running daily for atleast two weeks at a time.

Re: Houses Wanted Ad - Posted by Bob Eberle

Posted by Bob Eberle on October 26, 1998 at 20:32:49:

What your really looking for, are motivated sellers. A person doesn’t become motivated on Sundays only.