home purchase, tenant won't leave - Posted by Kristi

Posted by Kelly on December 31, 2005 at 22:05:59:

Maybe they have no where else to go. While others are trying to stiff arm them legally, try to call them and see what the situation is and offer help. Contact some local investors and find a few comparable accomodations and offer those as options. Offer a soft side and a few solutions and it may save the house from being trashed. It also saves them the cost of damages later. Win-win if they are amenable. Just dont go in person. Good luck!

home purchase, tenant won’t leave - Posted by Kristi

Posted by Kristi on December 31, 2005 at 21:02:14:

I am buying a home that closes on 1/3/06. I was scheduled to move in on 1/1/06. The tenant was given more than ample notice, and was supposed to be out on 12/30/05. I just found out from the current owner that the tenant has said he will not leave, and will need to be evicted. I have put a lot of money into this already, and if my loan doesn’t close by 1/6/06, I will have to reapply at a new rate. The owner has filed to evict the tenant, and is scheduled to go to court on 1/4/06. Should we go ahead and close? Our agreement stated that the tenant would already have vacated the premises before closing. What should I do?

Re: home purchase, tenant won’t leave - Posted by Kristi

Posted by Kristi on January 21, 2006 at 16:31:36:

I went and talked to the tenant. I explained my situation to him, and he decided to find another place. He and the former owner had some problems, but he didn’t want to mess up my plans. He was able to be out on 1/4/06, and we signed the papers that day. It was a good outcome, and all it took was a little communication.