Holiday Offer - Posted by Jim Rayner

Posted by Jim Rayner on December 11, 2000 at 19:02:24:

Holiday Offer

In the spirit of the holidays and in keeping with the Family concept here at CREonline, I offer the following With JP?s permission:

Due the high level of interest of late into CAP RATES and due to the complexity of determining just what is the right CAP RATE to use in determining the appropriate Rate for determining your Offers, I am offering to send via EMAIL an excerpt section, from my soon to be released analysis program, entitled Cap Rate Calculator.

For details regarding both the basics about cap rates and their use, see the following articles here at CREonline:


For details on how to build your own individualized deal customized CAP Rate Consult the following Threads on the commercial board:


The Microsoft Excel Template that you will receive will allow you to build a customized Cap Rate geared to the specific parameters of the deal under consideration and the structuring of the financing of the same. With the template you will be able to see how the loan terms and your desired return on invested equity impacts the Cap Rate that you should use to determine the value of the deal on your terms and with your conditions. No longer will you guess or use rule of thumb Cap Rates.

To get your Holiday gift just Email me direct mention Cap Rate Offer in the subject line and you?ll have your calculator back via email in just hours depending on my schedule.

Happy Holidays and Happy Investing from all of us at Rayner Properties

Jim Rayner