Help! What do these R.E. terms mean? - Posted by Curious

Posted by Cletus on September 03, 2005 at 23:40:02:

I just hate those MLS zones, they’re probably worse than the regular zoning restrictions.


Help! What do these R.E. terms mean? - Posted by Curious

Posted by Curious on September 03, 2005 at 19:24:53:

Some of these I know the answer to, but most I do not. Please be so kind as to explain all of this to me so that I may do my numbers properly. I know that is important, but if I don?t have all of the information than it can?t be taken care of. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. APX SF:
  3. YB:
  4. RC:
  5. CONST:
  6. ZONE:
  8. DOM:
  9. ADP:
  10. APX LSZ:
  11. APX LDM:
  12. GI:
  13. GOI:
  14. AOE:
  15. ATE:
  16. NOI:
  18. AREA:
  19. STYLE:
  20. POOL:
  21. CAP:
  22. INS:
  23. ELEC:
  24. GAS:
  25. MLS #:
  26. MAP:
  27. CVD PKG:
  28. TRASH:
  29. SCHED/ACT:
  30. TAXES:
  31. GRDN:
  32. MAINT:
  33. MGR:
  35. LD:
  36. SP:
  37. SD:
  38. NUM PKG:
  39. WATER:
  40. VAC
  41. MGMNT:
  42. POOL EXP:
  43. ELEV:
  44. LT:
  45. CSO:
  46. LBA:
  47. BAC:
  48. LS:
  49. EO:
  50. PROBATE:
  51. SPA:
  52. LP:
  53. CD:
  54. WD:
  55. OLP:
  56. FIN:
  57. DISC:
  58. OCC/SHOW:

Re: Help! What do these R.E. terms mean? - Posted by Sharyn SJR

Posted by Sharyn SJR on September 04, 2005 at 24:06:07:

A Realtor is paid 6% to explain said terms to you, at least that is what their job should be although honestly, most Realtors are clueless besides telling you the color of the carpet and showing you where the dining room is. Find a good one, set up a lunch meeting and go over your questions.

Also, be careful because there is a lot of incorrect info on MLS sheets, double check everything yourself.

MLS Terms - Posted by Carmen_FL

Posted by Carmen_FL on September 03, 2005 at 23:30:39:

I am guessing you took these directly off an MLS listing. Each MLS has its own “codes” for different things. I can take a crack at most of them, although some will be a guess. You really need to ask a Realtor in your area to give you a “customer friendly” version of their listing (we call them “Client Views”) which will de-mistify it all for you. If I could see the listing (and what appears next to each of these) I could be more help.

Perhaps a realtor from your area (if you would share that with us) would be able to help a little more).

From this list, it looks like you got the “realtor” version of a printout, which has information that may be of little use to you, anyway.

  1. RESIDENTIAL INCOME APN: - My guess is this is the Tax ID number
  2. APX SF: Approximate Square Feet (normally “under air” or “heated” square footage, not including garages, porches, etc.
  3. YB: Year Built
  4. RC: ?? - Could be “residential code” or “realtor code”
  5. CONST: Type of Construction (Concrete Block, Frame, etc.)
  6. ZONE: MLS zone, not really useful for normal people
  7. ASSESSED IMP VAL: Most likely the assessed taxable value of the “improvement” or building by itself (not the lot).
  8. DOM: Days on Market. You will not often see this until a property is sold; the days between listing and a contract on a property.
  9. ADP: ???
  10. APX LSZ: Approximate Lot Size??
  11. APX LDM: Approximate Lot Dimensions??
  12. GI: Gross Income (for investment properties)
  13. GOI: Gross Operating Income (for investment properties)
  14. AOE: Operating Expenses (for investment properties)
  15. ATE: Total Expenses (for investment properties)
  16. NOI: Net Operating Income (fro investment property)
  17. ASSED TOT VAL - Assessed taxable value of the land and the improvements together
  18. AREA: The MLS area the property is in
  19. STYLE: Style of the property (single family, two-story, etc. - may be an MLS code)
  20. POOL: Whether there is a pool or not (Yes or No)
  21. CAP: Capitalization rate (for investment properties)
  22. INS: Some of these will be a Yes or No answser - if these items were included in the Expenses. This one would be Insurance.
  23. ELEC: Electricity (how much paid monthly/year or whether included in expenses)
  24. GAS: Gas (how much paid monthly/yearly or whether included in expeses)
  25. MLS #: Multiple Listing Service number
  26. MAP: Map code (not very useful for normal humans)
  27. CVD PKG: Covered parking (e.g. carport, and how many cars fit there - 1 or 2)
  28. TRASH: costs or whether they are included in the expenses
  29. SCHED/ACT: May be a showing instruction??
  30. TAXES: Amt of taxes paid yearly
  31. GRDN: Garden - could be if gardening/yardwork is included in expenses or what kind of view
  32. MAINT: Maintenance (cost?) or whether included in expenses
  33. MGR: How much paid to manager (although I see another close to this below, so it may be something else)
  34. ASSED LND VAL: Taxable value of the land by itself
  35. LD: Listing Date
  36. SP: Sale Price (after it closes)
  37. SD: Sale Date
  38. NUM PKG: Perhaps a tax number
  39. WATER: Cost of water (for investment properties), or whether it’s included in the expenses; or what kind of water service (municipal, well, etc.)
  40. VAC - Vacancies (normally a % of the Gross Income, for investment properties)
  41. MGMNT: Cost of management or whether it’s included in the expenses
  42. POOL EXP: Pool expenses or wheter the costs were calculated into the expenses
  43. ELEV: Elevation or Elevator
  44. LT: Listing Type (for the MLS)?
  45. CSO: Commission to Selling Office??
  46. LBA: ??
  47. BAC: ??
  48. LS: ??
  49. EO: ??
  50. PROBATE: Whether the house is in probate
  51. SPA: Whether there is a spa/jaccuzzi
  52. LP: List Price
  53. CD: Closing Date
  54. WD: Withdraw Date (if property withdrawn from market)
  55. OLP: ?? - Something to do with the list price?
  56. FIN: Financing accepted (cash, conventional, FHA, owner, etc.)
  57. DISC: Disclosures needed (sometimes necessary for lead based paint, etc.)
  58. OCC/SHOW: Occupied information (for showing instructions)
  59. TENANT PAYS: What the tenant pays for (in terms of utilities and maintenance)
  60. WATERFRONT: Whether the house is on water

Hope that helps some! :slight_smile:

Re: Help! What do these R.E. terms mean? - Posted by Mike (Seattle WA)

Posted by Mike (Seattle WA) on September 03, 2005 at 22:54:34:

Looks like your reading a Realtor’s house report. Ask a realtor what they mean. Really, from the numbers themselves, you should be able to guess at the meanings.

Re: MLS Terms - Posted by eric-fl

Posted by eric-fl on September 05, 2005 at 11:40:24:

Wow Carmen, that was certainly a generous and far above what’s called for post! I hope the OP appreciates your efforts, good job on the list.