HELP! staying in good terms with the Park Owner? - Posted by John (KS)

Posted by red baron on October 09, 1998 at 11:32:46:

John, I am not an attorney and am not giving
legal advice in any way but the way I read your
post, the owner MAY NOT have known about this deal
that the managers made with you. If he was there
to fire them , maybe they were ripping him off as
well. You need to get some good local legal advice
and I think you need to do it IMMEDIATELY.

You also need to be aware that you may or may not
get your $1,700 back from this deal. That money
may already be spent.

HELP! staying in good terms with the Park Owner? - Posted by John (KS)

Posted by John (KS) on October 09, 1998 at 10:00:40:

Thanks for all the advise on the below posts about the $1700 problem I have. I feel the same way, the manager was a represenative of the park when the deal was made, so it should be the owners problem, but he isn’t just handing me the title. I think he is tring to use me to get the money back from them, if they think they are robbing me and not him, they may give it back. My guess is it is spent!

What can I do to get this owner to give me the title without legal litigations?

This owners owns a couple of parks here in town and they all are perfect for the deals I want to make. I don’t want to tick him off by sending my lawyer to get the title, then him not allowing me to deal in his parks anymore. The Owner is a lawyer himself and lives in Reno. Stewart White, anyone know him? Supposably he owns parks all over the country.

Re: HELP! staying in good terms - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on October 09, 1998 at 21:16:14:


I notice you have not contacted an attorney yet. This would have been my first step.

Who signed the purchase contract that you say you have?? Whose name was the contract written in?? Do these names match??

Did you meet with the employees today as you suggested??

Time to fish or cut bait. You have an obligation to the people you sold the MH to. Either give them their money back, or take some strong positive action toward resolving this issue. Whether the park owner likes you for asserting any rights that you may have is irrelevant. If he finds out that don’t assert your rights what type of relationship do you think you will have with him then??


Why would you do business with this owner again?? - Posted by Mark R in KCMO

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on October 09, 1998 at 13:58:22:


You now have first hand experience of how this owner handles his problems.
Why would you want to do business with someone that has demonstrated that he doesn’t choose, (with out pressure) to respond professionally??
Why would you think that he will honor any contract or agreement that his employees were involved in?

Find the couple another home, or refund thier money (Yes I understand that you don’t have it) now we are talking about YOUR reputation of how you deal with problems, and this is far more important then the reputation of the park owner/mangager team.

I would wash my hands of this park owner and do everything legally necessary to get the home to the new owners, and never deal with this owner again.

Put him on the don’t do business with list.

Sorry that this happened to you.

Mark R in KCMO

Re: staying in good terms with the Park Owner? - Posted by Mjs

Posted by Mjs on October 09, 1998 at 12:23:38:

Hi john
Iam also not a legal expert but
Try this
Find out when he will be in town
Make an appointment with him
Talk to him about how you both can come to an agreement
TELL him what you are doing
Ask him if he would be willing to let you do these types of deals with him
In his parks. (if he has a lot of parks in different areas maybe you could share with other creo people)
Talk with him and show him how it would benefit HIM
Focus on him making $$ This should help
Also talk to your buyers and let them know what is going on
so they do not hear it from someone else.
Also let them know you will get them another place as nice or nicer than the one they have.
Tell them you are trying to resolve the problem.
You want to avoid problems with them also.

Talk with the owner and see if he canhelp you out somehow
And that you can make him a lot of $$ in the future
Also try to find a geed manager for his park for him
Maybe this will help
It will only take your time
Good luck MJS

HELP! staying in good terms with the Park Owner? - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on October 09, 1998 at 11:45:10:


I liked what Dirk mentioned below about your buyer moving in and renting the space in the park.
Did your buyer get a signed lease for the space? How could the park lease a space to someone thats living in a MH owned by the park if they didn’t sell the MH to someone? I would get a copy of the lease your buyer has from the park and show this to the owner also. You have a sale agreement, a copy of the cashiers check made out to the park, a sale agreement between you and your buyer to whom you sold the same MH to, and your buyer has a lease from the park to rent the space this MH sits on. What more could this owner ask for?