HELP! $40,000 profit at stake... - Posted by R. Taylor

Posted by Alex Gurevich, TX on October 29, 2001 at 10:07:58:

There’ s a million bucks profit at stake potentially here, if I read your message right. You need a cash rich partner - fast!!! You got to close all those deals and gradually sell them off to those home buyers. Flipping contracts is plain silly here. There’s so much money at stake I’d bend over backwards to find a private party with the capital.

HELP! $40,000 profit at stake… - Posted by R. Taylor

Posted by R. Taylor on October 28, 2001 at 15:54:32:

Okay here is the deal, seller is selling property oout of an estate 26 properties to be exact. All of the homes will appraise at $50 - 67,000 ARV. She wants to net $12-15,000 on all of them, she wants them gone as fast as they came. Problem is on this first one I am in the process of getting done, she will not allow me to purchase at appraise value or any buyer that I may bring for any of the other properties. I have heard of this double closing stuff but do not understand how it can be applied in this situation, I have 3 other buyers for her homes, each willing to finance 3 to 4 if they can pull the money at closing. FICO scores are 640 and above. What can I do, I need to close at least this first one before she starts relying on her attorney for deal-killing advice. All help is appreciated and accepted Hell, call me if want (937) 603-0043 email: