Great News For Long Island New York Investors!!!!! - Posted by Chenel Moore_MD

Posted by Rosalyn_MD on May 05, 2000 at 15:40:57:

Glad to see that you are taking New York by storm.
This is an update of what’s going on: Two condo deals
in the works for L/O with tenants already in line. 1st condo will bring in $150 per month cash flow & 2nd payment of 450 and will rent for $650-700. Signed contract on SFR L/O with Section 8 tenant with move in date for July 1 using her monies for the down payment, subject to seller doing a refi to lower payment to increase my spread. The little blue house the I told you about for the group home is slowing working! Busy little bees! Will I see you guys at the tax lien sale?
By the way, Iforgot to tell you that I now have access
to the MRIS and any VA and HUD property, And I joined our local REI Club. Whew !! That was a mouthful:)

Great News For Long Island New York Investors!!! - Posted by Chenel Moore_MD

Posted by Chenel Moore_MD on May 03, 2000 at 19:49:28:

I found this terrific association called “The Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners & Merchants,” based out of Long Island. The organization is great news for us New York investors who intend to be landlords in the state of New York. By joining this organization not only are you able to take advantage of meeting with other real estate investors but you get the added bonus of their inside knowledge on how to utilize your Constitutional rights to protect your properties against unlawful legislation designed to discriminate against minorities and ethnic groups and landlords.

The results the organziation has achieived has had a tremendous impact on town inspectors and legislation throughout Long Island. See, article entitled “Cause of Action,” by Michael Rothfeld. The organization is headed by Paul Palmieri who has been an active real estate investor for over 20 years.

I was totally ecstatic when I read that article and just thought I would share with everyone.

Re: Great News For Long Island New York Investors!!! - Posted by Sheik

Posted by Sheik on May 04, 2000 at 11:20:37:

Hi Chenel;

I thought I was the only one out here! [BTW, What’s the MD for - I thought it was for Maryland or perhaps Medical Doctor? :wink: ]

Anyway, I read that article in last Sunday’s Newspaper. It’s about time someone remind these town officials who they work for.
The Coalition is not cheap to join - about $50 per month if I am not mistaken.

Best of luck to you.

Re: Great News For Long Island New York Investors!!! - Posted by Chenel Moore_MD

Posted by Chenel Moore_MD on May 04, 2000 at 12:50:29:

The MD stands for Maryland. We are in the process of establishing residencey in NY and investment connections. But I still use the MD since everyone who knows me on the site knows me from MD.

At any rate, I joined the coalition on the spot. Although the membership wasn’t cheap, you will recover your investment through the protection of your rights as a property owner/landlord, and through the break on legal fees. We get a flat rate on attorney representation on closings and refinances. My last attorney for closing on my property was not cheap by the way. Plus, the attorneys who service memebers are specialists in representing investors. I like that part.

It was worth it to me, I have already lost money and I am setting myself up to make sure I don’t lose anymore.