Got a FAT check from my Ins. Co.... Need Advice - Posted by LightWalker

Posted by Ryan (NE) on July 16, 2010 at 06:38:59:

I agree the pricing by the fire and water restoration companies is a little high in my opinion. I think your plan sounds workable. But if, you go to that much trouble you might as well figure out how to seal/remove the smoke odor/smell and then button it all up yourself or traditional remodeling contractors as opposed to the restoration company coming in to finish.

I am just not experienced enough on how to get rid of the odor to give you ideas-maybe you should post that question, search the archives or google, etc.

Best of luck on your project.

Got a FAT check from my Ins. Co… Need Advice - Posted by LightWalker

Posted by LightWalker on July 14, 2010 at 11:12:36:

One of my rentals burned and I just got a check to do the work… I asked my Ins. Co. that if I can get the work done for less, do I keep the dough. He said absolutely… TAX FREE at that… :o)

The damage is not that extensive… mostly smoke and soot… The damage is mostly confined to the kitchen. Just looking for advice on how to clean a fire damaged property… Should I just hire a Co. like Servpro to do the “clean up” and “sealing”… and then take over from there? What is the cost of such clean up? Property is relatively small… about 1200 sq. ft. townhouse…

Thanks all… Help me laugh all the way to the bank… =^)

Another point of view - Posted by Ryan (NE)

Posted by Ryan (NE) on July 14, 2010 at 14:00:40:

Not so fast on laughing all the way to the bank. The smoke smell/odor can be difficult to remove-even if you believe most of the damage is confined to one area. I rehabbed a house that had a fire several years ago. We removed the drywall down to studs and coated the studs with polyurethane to seal in the soot/smoke odor. Once we got it all back together we could still smell the smoke odor. Not being able to keep tenants or attract tenants could cost you more in the long run than saving dollars now trying to do it yourself.

I would suggest you speak with several contractors that do fire restoration, meet them at the site and pick their minds for solutions, ideas, suggestions. Then you can decide if, you want to contract it yourself or leave it for the pros as when they are at the site they will be providing you an estimate. I believe some of these companies charge you for the estimate so make sure you ask up front.

Best of luck and yes it can be done yourself but make sure you consider all possible outcomes for the project from an income or potential lost income if not done right.

Re: Another point of view - Posted by LightWalker

Posted by LightWalker on July 15, 2010 at 14:46:25:

Thanks Ryan… Just what I needed to hear… Didn’t even think of it from that perspective… Here are my thoughts:

I’ll demo and remove all carpeting, cabinets, appliances, etc… I’ll get the place as clean as I can get it, and then call the Restoration Co. This way when they come, they are walking into a house that is pretty much clean already and won’t try to stiff me on price. What do you think?